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Earth transfer to a farm his members

In the publication answers to questions are given: How earth transfer to a farm is made out by his members? Whether it is possible to transfer to a farm the sites provided for a personal part-time farm? Than threatens if not to change a designated purpose of use of the land lots? Whether the sites received by a farm will be to join in FSN calculation?
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Single questions concerning registration of payers of the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision

In a material consultation on questions is given:
1) whether the agricultural enterprise created in August, 2006 can, be the payer of the fixed agricultural tax in 2007?;
2) whether it is necessary to include the land lots in tax calculation of the fixed agricultural tax if lease contracts of the land lots, as of February 1, 2007, aren’t registered in body of ground resources.
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Two letters of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and purchase and sale of lands for maintaining a personal country economy

Full texts of letters of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine are provided in the publication from 25.09.2006 of No. 31-32/174 and from 10. 11.2006 of No. 31-32/191 giving an explanation of item 15 of section 10 of the Land code of Ukraine (concerning possibility of purchase and sale of the land lots of a personal country economy and the comment to them.
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The order of the ministry of an agrarian policy of Ukraine from 17.05.2006 of No. 244

Minagropolitika Ukrainy # 244′s Order from 17.05.2006 as which the order of distribution of the means provided in the State budget of Ukraine for reduction of cost of insurance premiums (contributions), actually paid by subjects of the agrarian market is approved is published. The sample of the application for reduction of the cost of cost of insurance fees is given also.
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