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Labor protection at the agrarian and industrial complex enterprises ark

The industrial injuries analysis is provided in article in 2007 in comparison with 2006. Shortcomings are noted,
15. the conditions of labor protection revealed as a result of complex checks and a way of their elimination.
The table about a traumatism for 2007 is provided in regions of AR Crimea in comparison with 2006.
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The main objective – injury prevention

The industrial injuries reasons at the agrarian and industrial complexes enterprises for 2006 and the I quarter 2007 are analyzed. The questions of protection demanding originally the decision at branch and regional levels are reflected. The operational information about a traumatism is given in ARK agrarian and industrial complex for the I quarter 2007.
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That work of villagers became safe

The summary account about carrying out in the Crimea of the All Ukraine seminar meeting concerning labor protection and fire safety is given. The reasons of industrial injuries and a solution of problems are noted.
The operational information about industrial injuries in ARK agrarian and industrial complex in 9 months 2006 is applied
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