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The biodiesel engine started business

Article is devoted to the analysis of advantages of a made biodiesel engine in Ostapovk’s village of the Lubensky region of Poltava region. In it it is told about advantages and economic efficiency of fuel from a rape in comparison with the diesel fuel, made in the rural zone from local raw materials.
Article is intended for agricultural producers and is of interest for laymen.
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To diesel engine – replacement

In the publication it is a question of alternative types of fuel for autotractor engines. Need of their development and application for internal combustion engines is caused by fast reduction of stocks of oil in the earth and deterioration of an ecological situation in many countries Alternative to usual fuel today is natural gas the methane, the liquefied gas propane-butane, alcohols (methanol and a standard) biofuel, dimetilovy air, and also hydrogen.
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Technological track for sowing units with various working width of capture

In article it is a question of creation in modern technologies of cultivation of grain crops of a technological track. It is necessary for performance of agrotechnical receptions on the care of crops, in particular, for processing by herbicides, fungicidami, insecticides, and also at carrying out by land tools of extra root top dressing, a sinikatsiya and other operations.
Crops with a technological track have the following advantages: signallers aren’t required when processing crops; double processings by preparations or flaws are excluded; wheels of tractors and agricultural cars pass on paths without damaging a plant.
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Hydrogen – future fuel

In the publication it is a question of development of hydrogen power for receiving electric and thermal energy in the course of hydrogen use. The presidium of NAN of Ukraine approved the target comprehensive program of scientific researches Fundamental problems of hydrogen power.
The key condition of transition to hydrogen power is a creation of reliable and economically expedient fuel cells at which mobile phones, computers, cars, power plants can work.
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