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In 44 times dneprovsky water came

In the publication it is a question of the next arrival of dneprovsky water to the Crimea and the first as always accepted it the irrigating network Krasnoperekopsky management of a water management. This management also carries out water supply to May Day, Razdolnensky and Saksky areas. Special concern in employees of management is caused by use of irrigated lands by agricultural producers and farms since in their 2006 only 43 % poured down.
Krasnoperekopsky management of a water management has possibility to render service not only in water supply, but also in cleaning of an intraeconomic irrigating network by excavators, makes production of technological and design and budget documentation, design, construction new and reconstruction of existing meliorative systems.
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Drop irrigation – a reserve of receiving a stable and qualitative crop

In article it is a question of a drop irrigation which is effektivnoy all other ways of an irrigation. In comparison with watering on furrows the irrigating norm decreases at 5-10 time. The Crimean research center of Institute of hydraulic engineering and land improvement developed and adjusted production of a complex of means of cleaning and preparation of water, droppers, mikrodozhdevately, locking regulating and safety fittings and connecting details and an automation equipment. Annually the center practises and builds more than 300 hectares of systems of a microirrigation.
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To irrigation in the area to be

In the Razdolnensky area the exit commission of the Ministry of AP AR Crimea and a water management took place. Representatives of executive authorities took part in it. It is noted that in the area a lot of work on preparation for an irrigation season is carried out. Besides, on board recommendations to heads of all forms of ownership on implementation of actions in other branches of agricultural industry were made.
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Waiting for dneprovsky water

Article is devoted to problems of use of the water arriving on North Crimean channel in Razdolnensky and Black Sea areas. In it it is told about a serious situation with use of irrigated lands not to destination which developed in ChSP "Chernyshevsky" of the Razdolnensky area. Also Razdolnensky management of a water management planned incomplete compensation of cost of the spent electric power on an irrigation to legal entities disturbs.
Article is intended for agricultural producers and the water supplying organizations.
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