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Production of berries: prospects and problems

In this publication it is a question that berry gardens give fast and considerable economic return. Berry cultures sverxdoxodny: they begin fructification for the second year after landing, regularly give big crops – 15-30Ô/hectare and more.
The Plodoyagodny complex in the Soviet Union in the 80th years of the last century with its powerful base of processing gave over 30 % of profit of all agrarian production. In the Crimea berry gardens occupied only 4 % of lands, and receipts from them made over 40 % on the scale of all branches of agrarian and industrial complex.
Yagodovodstvo has innovative character as gives the chance to create the new grades, the new technologies, new products. It is not only knowledge-intensive, but also highly intellectual branch. Enthusiasts, young people with special qualities which would look at a plant as on a live individual, with love and caress should be engaged in production of berries.
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