Monthly Archives: September 2014

New reference points of landowners of a poltavshchina

In a note it is a question of development in Poltava region the new anti-recessionary program which provides introduction next year in agrofarms of area of a wide network of a drop irrigation. This complex system of an irrigation will help to save water and energy resources with double-threefold effect.
In crisis conditions it is decided to reorient a significant amount of agrofirms and farms on vegetable growing, gardening and truck farming.
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The car for destruction of weed vegetation in long-term plantings

In this publication "Science" (Simferopol) of a sprayer of ONVG – 300/500 for entering of herbicides into row-spacings and an intersectional zone of long-term plantings is a question of development, manufacturing and introduction in production by experts NPSXP. This car consists of two blocks: pump station and directly working body.
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