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Concerning the taxation of the sums of the depreciated monetary savings and the tax credit according to the personal income tax

GNAU letter from 09.06.06 of No. 11041/7/17-0117 is published: 1) concerning the taxation of the sums on the depreciated monetary savings of citizens by debt repayment for housing-and-municipal services of other citizen; 2) concerning the right of inclusion in structure of the tax credit of expenses on the training, suffered by parents for children students.
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Bird flu reached Ukraine

In article possible danger of a disease by bird flu not only for people, but also many animal species and birds, including, hens, a weft, pigs, horses, gophers is popularly described, etc.
Symptoms of bird flu at house birds are given. Recommendations about protection against bird flu are made. Besides, recommendations about fowl use for consumption are made.
Symptoms of bird flu at people are listed. Recommendations about treatment are made how to avoid infection with bird flu.
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