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Transgene soya: pros and cons

In article it is a question that genomodifitsirovanny production has the right to existence of them in Ukraine. This question still costs very sharply and causes concern in agricultural producers and consumers of production.
By science it is proved that the soya is useful to a human body, especially in fight against oncological diseases. But at the use of transgene analog the similar disease can be provoked.

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The strategic directions of development of domestic engineering industry for agrarian and industrial complex

In a note it is told about technical and technological re-equipment of APP. Funds for these purposes are defined in the State budget of Ukraine by separate line. The main strategic directions of development of domestic agricultural mechanical engineering are given.
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Pryanovkusovye of a plant

Since the most ancient times to the person pryanovkusovy, aromatic plants are known. Still primitive people seasoned with them crude meat. Culture of their cultivation the first civilizations quite owned. Ancient Greeks knew the most part of the modern range of spices. Culinary art of Ancient Rome included many-sided application of these plants, which use …
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