Monthly Archives: September 2013

The equipment for sanitary and preventive actions in animal husbandry

In this article it is a question of sanitary preparation of rooms before placement of new party of animals. Sanitary preparation provides them damp or aerosol processing by chemical dezinfektor. Means of mechanization of veterinary and sanitary and preventive works are for this purpose used.
Specialists of the Zaporozhye design institute of technology of agricultural mechanical engineering developed and made the aerosol installations UKA-10 and UKA-40 for disinfection and disinsection of rooms of cattle-breeding farms and integrated poultry farms and vehicles, thermal disinfecting of firm surfaces by an open flame, and also for mass processing of animals and a bird with the sanitary and preventive purpose.
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Candle instead of a heater

Article is devoted to candle use for room heating. In it it is said that this design with a candle is developed for emergencies, this candle miniradiator can reduce a few costs of room heating, and also it is possible to take pleasure fully in a soft warm given-out heater for a long time. The heater is equipped with a rack, capable to hold a pan with soup.
Article is of interest for laymen.
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