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After massandry – on the seventh sky

In a note it is a question of wines of a wine-making economy of "Massandr" from Nikolay the Second cellars which will be put for the first time up for sale the London auction house of "Bonems". Among them – unique red Livady port of 1891 and two wines of prince Golitsyn – the Seventh sky 1860 and Honey from the Altay meadows 1886. Also on the auction Malaga wine will be exposed also – one of "Massandra’s" most expensive wines is no time.
Now in "Massandra’s" collection about one million bottles with really unique wines is.
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To the 85 anniversary of the Crimean water management of the Crimea

Congratulations of workers of a water management on anniversary from the vice-chairman of Council of ministers of the Crimea, the Chairman of the Constant commission of the Verkhovna Rada of ARK on the agrarian and land questions, ecology and the rational environmental management, the first deputy minister of an agrarian policy of ARK.
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