Amaranth – a product delicious and curative

In article it is told about valuable fodder culture – an amaranth thrown back. It contains valuable nutrients, vitamins, microcells. At its use, profitability of animal husbandry raises. It possesses medical properties and is used in food to people.


In a steppe zone of Ukraine the amaranth thrown back, or a shchiritsa ordinary which is known and as a malicious weed, and as one of the best forage crops more often meets. Thanks to a wide circulation and a neprikhotliyovost, the amaranth quickly won a poyopulyarnost at cattle breeders. And all began in the thirties with the publication in the Svinoyovodstvo magazine when articles under the loud name began to appear: Road to an amaranth! . It appeared that the amaranth greens so were fallen in love to pigs that they ate any stalk, vstreyochenny on a way. Gnawed it to the basis, sometimes and a back took. Pigs became ot­kazyvatsya from nutritious sme­si if could count on an amarantovy dinner. Biochemists opened a secret of such predpoyochteniye: the amaranth contained twice less cellulose. Sledovatelyyono, the greens were more gentle. But matter not only in cellulose. Together with greens of a pig of a fir-tree and seeds. And they contained bel­ka more than wheat, a rye, corn and a buckwheat. An amaranth and now add in diets of doyomashny animals. The contents in large numbers vitami­na With and carotene does a forage of an amaranth especially valuable and piyotatelny. Chickens by whom were added in food of grain of an amayorant, grew six times quicker control, and meat of animals and the birds who have been grown up on an amaranth, differs special flavoring qualities and stands up for border for 25 % more expensively.

Gentle leaves and escapes bo­gaty not only vitamins, mayokro-and microcells, but, depending on a grade, contain from 18 to 30 % of vysokokachestvenyony protein, successfully sbalansiroyovanny on amino acids. On the accepted scale of quality of protein it is estimated at 100 points, and izyovestny by all a soya – in 60. Vazhneyyosha of amino acid – a lysine – in an amaranth in 2,5 times more than in wheat, and in 3,5 times more than in corn.

Dieticians argue: piyoshchevy advantages of an amaranth are higher, than at a buckwheat. On the flavoring and nutritious kacheyostvo the amaranth is equated to milk. Its seeds to taste na­pominayut a nut and at a podzharivayoniya turn into an appetizing crackling product. Tasty hlebyoets bake of a flour of an amayorant. From gentle leaves of young plants excellent salads turn out, young escapes can be salted and pickled.

Medical properties give to an amaranth present in is mute iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and a rich set of vitamins. And thanks to the contents important for activity organiz­ma amino acids, an amaranth yavlya­etsya truly medical the produkyoty.

Now scientists-physicians za­govorili about medical properties of an amaranth. The amaranth treats any inflammatory processes: ot­var leaves, stalks, a whisk with seeds effectively helps at bed wetting at children, it is used at anemia, avitaminosis, a breakdown, an ozhireyoniya, neurosises and other diseases. By scientists it is established that the amayorant deduces from an organism and from the soil radionuclides. Besides it improves the earth bol­she, than any other rasyoteniye.

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