To farmers it became better and easier?

Advantages of mortgaging purchase of grain are given in article in comparison with the bank credit.


The Order of use of means approved in the new edition from the point of view of the farmer of essential izyomeneniye didn’t undergo.

Innovations of this year became already known on the Orders No. 256, 259 and 261 published earlier:

• the obligation to return to the budget the received means in case of establishment of the fact of their illegal poluyocheniye and/or illegal use;

• a fine at a rate of 120 % per annum per every day of delay.

It is necessary to pay attention to what else moments in a made comments Order?

1. A ban on participation in financing of those farms (further – FH) which have zadolzhenyonost, are liquidated or went out of business, is directed on ensuring return of budgetary funds and their isyopolzovaniye to destination. And here compensation restriction on an irrevocable basis to two types zat­rat on an economy gives chance to bigger quantity of FH to get financial support.

2. Forms of documents for receiving the financial help will be approved by Minagropolitika’s relevant orders. Let’s stop on some of them.

• According to the project of a form of demands should contain information on the extent of the help, FH and its head, about acquaintance with Order and an individual responsibility for reliability of the submitted data and materials.

These requirements the staff of the Ukrainian state fund of support of FH (further – Fund) and the commissions, rassmatriyovayushchy documents, remove from itself the obligation them to check. Existence of provision on an individual responsibility also lets an occasion speak about possibility of involvement of the head of FH to others, except penalties, to types of responsibility, for example to criminal UK according to Art. 222 – fraud with financial resources.

• The draft of the order also provides a form of the offer on a way of ensuring execution of an obyazayotelstvo (in case of receiving the help on a returnable basis).

The most widespread and most preferable way is pledge. To a course there is any imushcheyostvo (it is possible and not the): from agricultural machinery to privately owned vehicles. Nelikvid ask not to offer. It is necessary to fork up on an assessment of mortgaging property, a notarial certification of the contract of pledge and an insurance. So, registration as proof of a cultivator for receiving the returnable financial help in the size of 10 thousand UAH. will pull on 600 – 700 UAH.

"Deprived" Civil Code (hl. 49) offers except pledge and such admissible in a similar situation ways of an obespeyocheniye, as a penalty, the guarantee and a guarantee. As they say, you have no hundred rubles – have hundred friends, ready to help with a failure case.

If from all this variety to you suits nothing, by agreement of the parties by the contract other types of providing performance of obligations can be established.

• The approval by someone business plan forms for receiving the financial help on a returnable basis isn’t provided therefore to make it it is possible any way **.

In the plan it is not necessary to describe strategic objectives of an exit of FH on the international market. In this case it should contain justification of the specific project and actions for return of FH of budget finances. Regional offices of Fund provide rather simplified sample of the business plan in which FH and its activity, the directions of use of the financial help, and also planned profit and the schedule of return of the financial help, in particular, should be described

• Not superfluous will be and the petition enclosed to listed documents from Homestead Association about providing the help of FH. Here where active public work can be rewarded: membership in this organization isn’t obligatory, but at the same time offers certain advantages. Razu­meetsya, the guarantee of Association has more moral, than validity.

Let’s note also that copies of documents should be certified of the order established by the law. It is possible to save, however, on the notarial certificate, having certified copies of documents of regional office of Fund. It becomes in the presence of their originals. The documents certified by bodies which gave out them are accepted also.

Thus, apply for the financial help all FH can. Generally it is directed on a komyopensatsiya of already suffered expenses. In this regard it is necessary to remember that budget possibility nebezgra­nichny and necessary funds for all simply won’t suffice. Therefore, on the one hand, to spend sredyostvo is necessary with caution what to count on full compensation it is not necessary. With another sto­rony, the help on a returnable basis – actually interest-free credit and not to use this chance it would be unreasonable.

(On Balans-Agro newspaper materials).