After massandry – on the seventh sky

In a note it is a question of wines of a wine-making economy of "Massandr" from Nikolay the Second cellars which will be put for the first time up for sale the London auction house of "Bonems". Among them – unique red Livady port of 1891 and two wines of prince Golitsyn – the Seventh sky 1860 and Honey from the Altay meadows 1886. Also on the auction Malaga wine will be exposed also – one of "Massandra’s" most expensive wines is no time.
Now in "Massandra’s" collection about one million bottles with really unique wines is.

Wines of the Crimean wine-making economy of "Massayondr" from cellars of emperor Nikolay the Second the vperyovy will be put up for sale the London auktsionyony house of "Bonems".

In due time "Massandra" invited us to a degusyotatsiya. Behind this occupation we spent the whole week and decided that wines are absolutely extraordinary, therefore now are glad to expose them on our auction – the ruyokovoditel of the European department "Bonems" on sale of wines Richard Harvey told. According to him, at the Boyonems auctions which will pass in the end of November – the beginning of December in Great Britain and the USA, about 600 bottles will be in total presented.

Among them – unique red port­vejn "Livadiya" 1891 in a bottle with the lichyony press of the last Russian impeyorator of Nikolay the Second – reported Haryovi, having noted that wine is estimated at 2,5-3 thousand pounds sterling.

However, according to him, the greatest inte­res is represented by wines of founder "Massayondra" of prince Lev Golitsyn. The prince who had a special talent for mixing of wines, didn’t write down the recipes therefore its many secrets still aren’t solved.

We have two wines of prince Golitsyn – Sedyyomoye the sky 1880 and Medical with Altay lu­gov 1886. Medical from the Altay meadows – this one of the most delightful wines, koyotory I ever tried. Its rich and bright taste on anything isn’t similar – Harvey told. He added that on the auction will be vysyotavleno and Malaga wine – is no time one of "Massandra’s" most expensive wines. Nectar of gods in a bottle – was noted by him.

Now in "Masyosandra’s" collection about one million buyotylok with really unique wines is. Some of them since 1990 were exposed at auctions of "Sotheby’s" and each time dispersed with big the uspeyokhy.

COMMENT. Well, and Ukraiyona’s ordinary citizens and the Crimea hardly can vyde­lit from the poor budget of 2-3 thousand fun­tov on "noble" "Massandra’s" plyashka…

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