The state budget-2008 for agricultural enterprises

In the publication main issues of the state budget for 2008, provided for agricultural enterprises are given.

On December 28, 2007 the Verkhovna Rada passed the Law No. 107-VI About the Government budget of Ukraine for 2008 and about modification of some acts of Ukraine (further – the Law). The law is signed by the President and Uryadovy a kur’er from 31.12.07 is published in the newspaper .

Let’s consider the main issues provided for agricultural enterprises.

• Action of special modes on VAT payment by the agricultural producers established by subitem 6.2.6, item 11.21 and 11.29 of the Law on the VAT is prolonged.

These special modes will operate till the end of that year in which Ukraine ratifies the contract on the accession to the World Trade Organization.

Thus, at least for 2008 the former order of payment of the VAT is kept by selkhoztovaroproizvoyoditel.

For the specified term once again it is suspended Art. 81 of the Law on the VAT by which the new spetsiyoalny tax treatment of activity in the sphere rural and forestry, and also fishery is entered.

• The moratorium on sale (entering into an authorized capital) the lands of agricultural purpose being as in private, and the 8th state and municipal property is prolonged. It is provided that this ban will operate before coming into effect of laws on the state land cadastre and about the market of lands.

The detailed review of the Law will be published in the following issue of the newspaper.