Beet juice – a source of antioxidants

A table beet – one of the most valuable products for formation of erythrocytes and improvement of composition of blood. Juice of a beet strengthens immunity, stimulates activity of a liver, a stomach, deletes from an organism of salt of heavy metals, etc

Environmental pollution, superfluous consumption of synthetic drugs, food additives and preservatives for which the person evolyutsionno isn’t adapted, and also a neyodostatok in food of the vegetative components containing, in a chayostnost, antioxidants, promote growth of allergic, oncological and other diseases. Antioxidants – it is the natural or synthetic substances slowing down or preventing oxidation of organic connections.

The importance of these substances in a pitayoniya is established experimentally, and it causes povyshenyony interest to search of preventive and medical antioxidant means of a natural origin, to studying of antioxidant properties of vegetables, fruit and other food.

Table beet – one of the main ovoshchyony cultures who, along with belokochanny cabbage and morko­vyu, gives the main volume of production received from open soil. In the conditions of modern market economy requirements to its quality znachitelyyono increased: uniformities, uniformity of root crops, to the contents in them nutritious veyoshchestvo. An exit from this situation – increase of productivity of culture and quality of root crops at the expense of improvement of technology of their cultivation and use modern me­todov control of their biological activity.

Beet juice – one of the most valuable products for an obrazovayoniya of erythrocytes and improvement of composition of blood. It strengthens im­munitet, stimulates activity of a liver, a stomach, system of blood circulation, kidneys and a bladder, deletes from organiz­ma salts of heavy metals. According to the content of iodine a beet ustu­paet to only sea cabbage, and therefore is effective protection against a sclerosis, aggravates memory. Beet juice in sme­si with the cabbage increases working capacity, reduces uro­ven cholesterol in blood, helps to prevent growth of the opukhoyoly.

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