The market of organic production and prospect of its development in Ukraine

In a material it is told about need of development for Ukraine of the market of organic production.

           The safety issue and qualities of food got a special urgency in international trade within the last 10-15 years. Quality and ecological safety of production made by agrarian sector, becomes one of major factors of its internal and external competitiveness. It is connected with prompt distribution of practice of application of biotechnology in agricultural industry. In the food markets of developed countries fast rates popularity of non-polluting production and demand for it grows, the separate sector of world trade is formed by the food.

           The production applying for compliance to agroenvironmental standards, is carried out on the basis of activization of natural processes of increase of fertility of soils and stability of animals to diseases, assumes practical application of preservation of natural resources, and also increase in a biodiversity and preservation of ability of ecological systems to self-restoration. Thus the chemical and artificially created substances and organisms or aren’t used at all, or their quantity is limited.

           The organic way of agricultural production not only promotes formation of steady ecological systems and provides high qualitative standards of agrofood production, but also is capable to affect indicators of efficiency of functioning of the agrarian sphere positively. The Russian scientists argue that introduction of ecologically focused systems of farming with use of microbiological preparations provides decrease (for 25-60 %) doses of introduction of mineral fertilizers and growth (for 12-70 %) productivity of the main crops, allows to refuse from expensive pesticides, is more high-grade to use all types of an organic waste of farms, to achieve improvement of fertility of soils and improvement soil mikrobioty. Experience of domestic farms of the ecological direction showed that soil-protective technologies applied by them, in comparison with conventional, demand in 3 times less time for soil processing, in 2-3 times less mineral fertilizers there is less than fuel and in 10 times, but allow to increase productivity of crops in 1,5-2 times.

           According to the International federation of organic agriculture (IFOAM), today in the world over 31 million hectares of the farmlands used for production of organic agricultural production are. As a whole over 558 thousand farms practise organic agriculture in 108 countries of the world. By number of organic lands Australia (12,1 million hectares), on the second place – China (3,5 million hectares) is in the lead. For Europe this indicator is highest in Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries.

           Development of organic agricultural industry is in most cases caused by increase of demand for its production in the world food market which organic segment annually increases for 20-25 % that in 5 times is prompter, than the global market as a whole. On forecasts, in 2010 volumes of world trade by the organic food can make 61-94 billion dale., and in 2020 – 200-250 billion dale.

Now, absolute volumes of sale of organic production yet don’t exceed 1-2 % of the world agrofood market, and the ground areas certificated as organic, make about 1 % of world agricultural holdings.

           Demand for organic production is formed in the countries which reached high level of economic development and which population believes in utility of such food for a human body, and is capable to pay higher price for its ecological purity. The most part of organic production extends out of system of traditional trade – through alternative sales channels, including, is direct from farms, in the markets open-air, in specialized shops.

The prices for non-polluting products are formed under the influence of considerable not only production and conversion, but also realizatsionny expenses which essentially exceed level of the corresponding indicators for traditionally made analogs. In particular, storage and food transportation without application of chemicals very cost much. According to experts, under condition of reduction of the specified expenses, the additional increase in cost of production of organic production on 10-20, and even for 50 % will be almost appreciable for the consumer that, finally, will cause prompt expansion of this segment of the market.

In 2005 in Ukraine the Federation of organic movement is created. However, data on existence and scales of activity of organic farms in Ukraine aren’t fixed by official statistics. Information extends through special and popular editions.

Our state has positive experience of export of organic production. Certified procedures necessary for this purpose are carried out by the foreign companies. At the same time, high cost of similar services considerably reduces domestic export possibilities in this sphere.

In Ukraine there are also the factors of national level influencing formation and application of organic model of agrarian managing. Positives – existence of resource and consumer potential. For Ukraine, with its high share of rural population and rather bad material security, development of organic agriculture is perspective also owing to possibility of receiving by rural dwellers of the additional income of the "green" tourism to which base component ecologically focused farming around the world admits.

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