Own quality mark

Experience of the agroenterprises of Donetsk region in protection of interests of small and average producers and agricultural products pererabotchik is presented.

Interesting experiment

Interesting experiment

For increase of competitiveness of the local agroindustrial enterprises in Donetsk region it is offered to create Association which will protect interests of small and average producers and agricultural products pererabotchik. For this purpose in the spring of the current year fair of ideas "Agrobusiness-2006" on which production of regional agricultural industry and technology of its processing will be presented will be carried out. "The Donetsk quality mark" will be appropriated to the best goods.

According to the experts, in recent years in Donetsk region there is a process of the "hidden" monopolization of a sales market of agricultural products. It is convenient to large offtakers to cooperate with wholesale suppliers, mainly from abroad that enters at a loss local agroindustrialists.

As marks out the deputy chairman of the Donetsk regional state administration I.Zhernova, the Association should protect domestic producer market methods, and introduction of the special Donetsk quality mark becomes an indicator of that the made agricultural products answer the international standards. Besides, the goods will be much cheaper than foreign products since costs of transportation won’t be included in its price and customs duties.

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