I in gardeners will go – let me will teach!

In article questions of history of emergence of a profession "Gardener", an urgency of revival and functions of the gardener, and also possibility of training of this profession in the Crimean state agrarian educational advice center are described.

For pupils there are neither age, nor education qualifications

On pages of our newspaper it was repeatedly told about educational activity of employees of the Crimean state agarny educational advice center. This time we bring to attention of readers the story about a new profession on which the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (for the Simferopol and Evpatoriysky educational branches is received). It is so-called a green profession – the gardener. Also as doctors give life to people, the worker of this profession give life to plants.

From spring to autumn of work at the gardener though take away: pollination and spraying, top dressing and watering, preparation of the soil, landing material, disembarkation of trees, bushes, shanks, flowers, care of plants, inoculation of plants, hairstyle of carpet lawns and flower beds, crowns and bushes; collecting and sorting of seeds. The gardener conducts a hothouse and hotbed economy, struggles with wreckers and diseases. They be its duties.

Whether the profession of the gardener is actual today? The matter is that krymchane and not only they, more and more and bol­she get houses in a property. Newly appeared house owners consider creation of a beautiful garden by a prestige question. From here – vsevozrastayushchy interest to a profession of the gardener. Besides, gardeners are demanded recently in territories of the enterprises and the organizations.

Citizens and the peasants already rather tired of people around of them from all directions of the stone jungle, even more often address to thoughts on the nature. The idea which has arisen in far times of the art device of the land lots or creation of landscape compositions, doesn’t lose the urgency and still. These flora corners are urged to create to people mood and to support their communication with the nature, decorating with itself city park, space before office or a site of a country house.

           Eventually ideas of beauty change, achievements of a science and new technologies also influence world around.

From photos of well-groomed gardens, bright beds and borders, equal green lawns and reading optimistic descriptions of how everything for some years managed to achieve such charm, at us it can be made deceptive impression that this beauty simply to make – there would be time and desire.

Get rid of illusions - well-groomed lawns and decorative beds, beautiful lawns and freakish Alpine hills to support in perfect tune the professional is capable only.

Experts on the care of gardens, parks and green plantings call gardeners. In the European countries the landscape architecture always was considered as the art available only to the elite. In the XVII century in France started to bring up the nature. Gardeners created symmetric direct allejnye plans of estates where green plantings formed offices and the corridors, separate trees by means of a figured hairstyle turned into turrets, piramidka and rail-posts, and patten flower beds (essentially new element of the garden compositions which has been thought up in France) were found on curves.

The most famous gardens of an era of classicism - Vo-le-Vikont, Versailles and other two centuries set the fashion also a fashion to all Europe and not only -  the Chinese emperor had the French garden even! They became a symbol of a victory of will and reason over escaping willful nature.

In Russia the first gardens at monasteries were broken by monks. They grew up flowers, vegetables, fruit trees. Grandees at court of tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich were fond of gardening also. At Peter I there was the Summer garden, the first greenhouses and parks. A green economy Peter charged care of the to foreign masters. And the first well-known Russian masters of garden art became Ilya Surmin and Anton Borisov. Surmin even created school of training of this profession.

In the second half of the XIX century the director of the Petersburg Botanical garden Feodor Fischer opened the first vocational school of gardening on the Pharmaceutical island. In it prepared the diplomaed gardeners for botanical, historical and private gardens, and even for industrial nurseries of Russia. Graduates passed an obligatory course and training in the best botanical gardens and gardening firms of Europe.

In our training center you can receive the qualified professional and theoretical preparation and to seize practical skills on the care of green plantings. For listeners there are no age qualifications. The scope of occupations comprises the following material: bases of floriculture and dendrology, agrochemistry and soil science, protection of plants. Theoretical and practical preparation is conducted by highly skilled experts – regular teachers of training center and the invited teachers from among professionals – production workers. Listeners are provided with necessary methodical materials and grants. Skilled teachers and instructors will help you to gain practical skills on planning and decorating of lawns, the beds which are subject to gardening of sites. The obrazoyovaniye received in our center in the field of landscape arxi­tektury daset possibility all wishing to realize creative poten­cialy on a field of garden art.

           In February, 2007 in Evpatoriysky educational branch of the center the group on training of specialists as "Gardener" will be open for training of jobless citizens in the direction of the center of employment. Term of training of a profession "Gardener" – 4 months (618 hours).

Specialists of training center will help with acquisition of such romantic creative profession to you.

We invite to cooperation of heads of agricultural enterprises and the housing-and-municipal enterprises, and also the heads of village councils in the organization of an accomplishment of territories.

For references to address by phones: Simferopol, (0652) 260-880, Vitaly Ivanovich Mikhalevich, Evpatoria, (269) 5-55-59, Irina Vladimirovna Korshunova.

Are always glad to help, we wait for you in our educational institution.

N. Nechaev, manager of methodical office KGAUKC.