The first pancake – not a lump

Article is devoted to the first auction of the Agrarian exchange which passed in Donetsk. In it it is told about the first auction on which there arrived representatives of all regions of area and presented for sale wheat and barley.
Article is intended for heads of agricultural formations of various forms of ownership.

In Donetsk passed the first auction of the regional Agrarian exchange

In Donetsk passed the first auction of the regional Agrarian exchange. The event of which business executives dreamed and which persistently prepared, came true.

It is necessary to notice that in the first auction believed not all. And this disbelief was not without the bases: the preliminary – that of demands for the auction wasn’t dense. The mass of farms counted on former amateur ways of realization of production. Peasants, here it is necessary to consider both their psychology, and former experience, didn’t hurry with definition of the price for grain though it and was called: wheat, a class third – 700 hryvnias for ton, wheat a class fourth – 610 hryvnias.

To sale it was offered from hundred to five thousand tons of grain. Large prizes – units. As a whole it was possible to expose on sale of 11 thousand tons of grain. For a start it is, frankly speaking, absolutely quite good – landowners after all only learn to speculate on the Stock Exchange.

The word "game" here should be perceived quite seriously. After all it is a question of quite solid sums. And still similar auction the first. To study them there arrived representatives of all regions of the area conducting it of agricultural enterprises and firms. To undertaking of stockbrokers showed interest and representatives of the Donetsk regional state administration took part in the first auction.

On the exchange it was presented wheat of the third and fourth classes, barley. Being reinsured, farms requested ceiling prices, often unfairly maximum supposedly I will not sell, but also I will not lose. Lost. The exchange – a place of real offers and the real prices. Who will buy wheat of the fourth class on 780 hryvnias for ton? Let’s not judge too strictly overcautious persons. It is asked, why the broker – that is the one who represented an economy, didn’t reduce the price? The answer is simple: it simply has no right to be willful. Such is an order, and he should be known. But know while in all farms. Don’t know many and that the broker works free of charge and his service to an economy cost nothing. This ignorance and disbelief in possibility of the Agroexchange of a thing is alas far not the harmless. Farms last year not at once believed in Agrofund possibilities, and therefore it worked not on full capacity.

To blame slow farms and their heads – simply it is not reasonable. Such is the nature of the peasant: he should explain, allow to feel, be convinced of sovy correctness three times, at last, to teach to speculate on the Stock Exchange or prove advantages of Agrofund. It is remarkable that at the Agroexchange, it appears, absolutely there is no line with the word "advertizing". It is not generous on it and Agrofund. To get on the market very difficult.

But we will return to the auction. From 11 thousand tons of its offered grain two thousand tons were sold. By estimates of experts, it is quite enough for the first time.

The exchange – this not only that place where sell and buy, it still a place where it is possible to offer, there will be no yet a buyer on your production. Thus the same economy doesn’t bear any obligations to the birzhy. In this sense of possibility of the exchange practically aren’t limited, unlike Agrofund which is rich only with that to it is allocated.

In Donetsk it is supposed to carry out from now on agroexchange sessions weekly. As a whole the exchange will work all the year round. As to its first auction, the pancake here turned out not a lump. At the auction many farms of a number of regions of area actively proved. And here farms while almost didn’t accept participation in them.

It is believed that the relation to the exchange at landowners will change for the better.

(On newspaper materials To Fermerska a hospodariate).