Ancient recipes vara

Secrets of recipes vara reveal.


Rural zamaz­ka. Fresh feltwort, zhiryony clay (1:1). Tshchatelyyono to mix. For giving of a bigger vyazyokost to add it is a little wool (schesat from a linyayoyushchy cat or a dog, for example).

Forsitova ointment (XVIIvek). Fresh feltwort, dry lime (old plaster), wood ashes, river sand (2:1:1:0,25). Svezheprigoyotovlenny ointment nakla­dyvaetsya on a wound rovyony thin (2,5 mm) also is powdered with a layer poyoroshky of wood ashes and chalk (6:1).

Veragutov var. Pitch, turpentine, lard, dreyovesny tar (6,5:2,5:1,5:1). Warm up pitch to a zhidyoky condition, mix turpentine, fat and tar, add to them still neyomny turpentine that mixed up, and so­edinyayut with pitch easier. In a sveyozhy, liquid state var it is easily put on a wound by means of a brush.

Heatliquid var. Smoyola, rosin, yellow wax, baked beef (barayonye) the fat, the sifted dreyovesny ashes (2:2:1:1:1). Pitch, rosin and wax dismiss on weak fire, add fat and pe­remeshivayut, then – ashes and again carefully all pe­remeshivayut. Fresh or warmed-up var it is put on a wound with a brush or a deyorevyanny rake. Xra­nitsya long in a zatverdevyoshy condition.

Holodnozhidky var.

Nearly 500 g of rosin, 10 g of pitch, 19 g of baked fat, 19 g of the sifted wood ashes to mix, dismiss. To a cooling-down mix on drops to add 85 ml of 90-percent of alcohol.

Paint for putty of wounds. Drying oil and ochre (2:1). After mixing paint is ready to the use. Put with a brush.

Bee glue. Sobi­rat when cleaning a framework and to start up in business. It is possible do­bavit a little wax.

Cold var Rayevskoyogo. Dismiss 0,5 kg of dreyovesny pitch. To ostyvayuyoshchy pitch, stirring slowly, do­bavlyayut 60 g of the 92-percent of alcohol warmed up on a water bath. Having mixed, dobavlya­yut 1 – 2 tablespoons of drying oil. Fill in in container (from not oxidized materials) with a cover. Soxranyaet­sya in a semi-fluid condition also it is suitable for application in any weather.

Ointment of the Item Zhukovsky. Ka­nifol, yellow wax, sveyozhy nutryany lard (1:1:1). Each component kindle separately, then mix. Ostyvayoyushchy weight merge in hoyolodny water and knead as dough. Take out and xra­nyat in oiled buma­ge. Apply in warm po­godu.