Daily Archives: October 22, 2012

Meeting of wine-growers and wine makers

In correspondence it is a question of ARK which have taken place in Council of ministers meeting of the Crimean wine-growers and wine makers on which problems of branch were considered and ways of their decision are defined.
Participants of meeting decided to create association of wine-growers and wine makers, to achieve streamlining of a payment for the license and the excise duty, to establish control and not to pass on the market of falsifications, to create uniform management and to pursue uniform policy of branch.
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The science to reap a rape crop

In the publication it is a question of features of cleaning of a rape. The most acceptable – is a separate way of cleaning since thus losses of seeds are minimum. A direct kombayniro-vaniye apply on not littered crops at a full maturity of pods and humidity of seeds of 10-15 %. In article combines for cleaning of a rape which allow the minimum losses of seeds are also offered. For cleaning and drying of seeds cleaners and drying units of national and foreign production are offered a seed.
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