Winter grades stored

In a note recommendations concerning storage of winter grades of apples and pears are made.

  All know that winter grades of apples and pears are stored better than the others, but also at their storage there are rules.
        Fruits pack into the standard boxes covered by a brown paper, with a shaving layer at a bottom and under a cover. In each box stack fruits of one grade, identical size and commodity quality. A brown paper previously cut on sheets of such size to cover a bottom and lateral walls of a box, and with the free ends to cover fruits from above.
       When packing in a box the best ways of laying of apples will be diagonal and ordinary. Fruits for short storage pack without ordinary laying. At ordinary laying separate layers of apples re-make paper and pure wood shaving of deciduous breeds (an aspen, a linden, a poplar). It is possible to store fruits without container, on the wooden racks established along walls. Them stack a hill in some layers.
       By preparation for storage of fruits which at storage wither and are surprised suntan, the zavertyvaniye of each fruit in a napkin from the oiled paper and packing in plastic bags gives good results. From thin paper the napkin in the size from 17×17 to 30×30 cm cut and roll them the roller on which the impregnated fabric is reeled up. The oiled napkins for removal of excess of oil shift the dry. 100 g of oil are spent for 500 napkins. Apples and pears can be stored and in polyethylene sacks. In packing as a result of breath of fruits carbon dioxide collects and the amount of oxygen decreases. These changes in structure of the gas environment reduce intensity of breath of fruits. High humidity of air in packing remains a progressive tense therefore fruits long remain juicy and don’t lose an attractive look.

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