Garden blackberry

A note about conditions of cultivation of a blackberry, care of it, and also about its advantage for the person.

UDC 634

           Garden blackberry – the sizes about plum, with pleasant taste and aroma. Ripens gradually within 2 months. High-yielding – a bucket from 1 bush. Most priemliv "Tornfri’s" grade – without thorns on escapes and leaves, with long to 4-5 meters escapes.

           Care of a blackberry same, as well as behind raspberry – otplodonosivshchy two-year escapes cut off, leave young, evolved in the summer.

           Better from to place on a lane – between 2 stakes pull 3-4 numbers of a wire round which the plant is twisted. In the autumn or in the spring the soil dig over, bringing on each square meter of 1-2 buckets of organic fertilizers. A crop receive from 2nd year of life of plants.

           According to the content of sugars the ripened fruits are close to raspberry, and vitamins there even more. It is used as anticatarrhal and a sudorific, and still removes from an organism heavy metals and radionuclides. Jelly is used as a fresh delicacy and in the form of compotes, jam.

           Scientists nurse elite saplings in biotechnological laboratory – cell fission in test tubes therefore they are free from viruses, and therefore are insured from many diseases. Then them transplant in individual plastic capacities, from where without effort it is possible to land with an earth lump without damage even the smallest backs.

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