Landing of a persimmon and care of it before fructification

In this article recommendations about landing and care of persimmon cultivars are made. Also the characteristic of their cold-resistant groups is provided.

On average mass (size) of a fruit and frost resistance of cultivars and forms of a persimmon it is possible to allocate three sharply various groups:

1. East – mass of a fruit from 70-80 gr. to 250-280 gr. Frost resistance from 16-18 degrees to 20-24 degrees of a frost.

2. Virginsky – with mass of a fruit from 35-40 to 100 gr. Frost resistance of 30-32 degrees of a frost.

3. An interspecific hybrid the Russian and her children – mass of a fruit from 45 to 150 gr. Frost resistance – from 23 to 28 degrees of a frost.

Working with a persimmon, it is necessary to know the agroclimatic characteristic of the area of landing (absolute at least a temperatures, average of annual minima, duration of the vegetative period with temperatures is higher +10 °, the sum of active temperatures is higher +10 °), and also frost resistance of a grade or a form.

On these indicators the corresponding look and a grade of saplings of a persimmon and a stock steals up. We do it for customers at realization.

The acquired saplings should be soaked and further before landing not to allow a podsushka. Before landing it is desirable to process roots growth factors (kornevin, heteroauxin or other)

Well shined place of landing if under an adult tree – that from South side isn’t closer than 4-5 meters from its trunk steals up.

When landing sapling in an adult garden the size of a landing hole increases twice. As well as on poor and heavy soils. Fresh manure and nitric fertilizers in a hole not to bring!

Landing terms: better in the early spring at the end of March – the beginning of April, but probably and as early as possible in the autumn with the corresponding protection for the winter.

At autumn and at early-spring landing the sapling is exposed to a strong siccation (vymorazhivany waters in the winter and drying in the spring). Therefore in the first 2-3 years after landing the tree without leaves turns back a light ukryvochny material (dense packing paper, a fabric etc.). Protection also is carried out and in the 2nd and 3rd year for the winter from subsidence of leaves before spring swelling of kidneys. For hard frosts stvolik hill the earth or other heater, but not fresh manure and not a dark protective material.

From landing to 3-4x years it is carried out forming a krone scrap, including and stamping, a nipping of escapes, and also their bending, installation of struts. Not to allow strong prirostov more than 60-70 see prirezy them. To clean  completely  competitors  and  strongly  to shorten  fatty tumors  or to cut out them, and also the escapes going in krone.

At the beginning of August stop growth of strongly growing escapes for their ripening by winter and winter hardiness increases. And when it is necessary to do 2 nipping. A nipping and stampings of escapes strengthens their branching and accelerates krone formation.

From landing before fructification fresh manure or the prepared dung water and nitric fertilizers not to bring.

At emergence of spots of fungoid diseases – oprysnut 1 % bordeaux liquid. At emergence of nests of caterpillars of the American white butterfly – nests to cut off and burn.

According to numerous demands of amateur gardeners a material prepared Valery and Valentinachernyaev.

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