Results of work of the food industry of the autonomous republic Crimea in 6 months 2008

In article results of work of the food industry of the Autonomous republic Crimea are yielded following the results of 6 months 2008g. The rating of areas on AR Crimea on an index of volume of gross output and a gain of gross output in terms of money is presented.

Food industry of the Autonomous Republic Crimea

By the enterprises food and the processing industry, carried to the sphere of coordination of the Ministry of an agrarian policy of the Autonomous Republic Crimea, it is let out for this period of production in the comparable prices for the sum of 1828,2 million UAH., that above level of the similar period of 2007 for 13,7 %.

Meat volume of production, including an offal of 1 category, (+6,4 %), sausage products (+79,8 %), milk processed liquid (+12,7 %), torments (+12,7 %), grain (+5,5 %), bakery products (+3,3 %), pasta (+16,6 %), cognac (+30,4 %), alcoholic beverage products (+26,9 %), wine grape (+4,7 %) is increased.

In too time, butter volume of production is reduced

(-20,5 %), tvorogasvezhy not fermented (-12,7 %), sour-milk products (-1,2 %), forages for agricultural animals (-20,9 %), soft drinks (-24,5 %), mineral water (-13,4 %).