How to define quality of seeds

The note gives information on how to define energy of germination and vsxozhest seeds in house conditions.


If you aren’t sure that the seeds acquired a year ago or even earlier, well remained, check their quality in house conditions (certainly if you don’t need the certificate of a konditsionnost).

For a start examine seeds. Their color should be characteristic for this culture. Some seeds have the characteristic smell which absence can speak about poor quality. So, for example, seeds of carrots, parsley, fennel have a strong smell. If seeds they have a rotten smell, most likely, unusable.

To define energy of germination and vsxozhest seeds, count their certain quantity (for example, 100 pieces) and put on a saucer bottom on which the wet white fabric is laid. A saucer to put in a place with temperature 20-250C. Through a certain period (cabbage, a garden radish, peas – 7 days, a cucumber, a melon, a beet, haricot – 8 days, a water-melon, a pumpkin, a vegetable marrow, beans, salad, carrots – 10 days, onions, a tomato, parsley – 12 days, an eggplant, pepper – 14 days) count up quantity of the ascended seeds. Energy of germination is defined by calculation of the arisen seeds by number of days, twice smaller, than for definition vsxozhesti.

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