Two years – and healthy garlic!

In article consultation is given to the truck farmer on garlic cultivation from bulbochek.


The technology of cultivation of high-grade bulbs from bulbochek is simple. Certainly, some truck farmers osta­navlivaet that high-grade lukoyovitsa of garlic grow only che­rez two years after landing bulbochek, but business of that costs.

At first we let’s to bulbochka ripen. All know that as a signal to cleaning winter ches­noka cracking of a wrapper of an inflorescence with bulbochka serves. Therefore specially leave one-other arrow to have such indexes. In our case they will be put to use. But at vykopke heads of an arrow it is not necessary to break out. Plants should be dried entirely till a time when bulbochka will be easily vylushhivatsya.

Till spring of a bulbochka it is possible to store at room temperature in paper paketax. At the end of March beginning of April it is necessary to carry out stratification – to take before landing on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

It is possible to sow bulbochka under winter – in October. This way predpochtiyotelny as for the spring there will be less cares the Bed previously fill with fertilizers (a compost bucket, ashes one-liter jar, 1 tablespoon of superphosphate on 1 sq.m). Bulbochki at some o’clock presoak in ashes infusion (1 tablespoon on 1 glass). Emerged delete, and qualitative sow on depth of 2 cm with row-spacings 5-10 see.

Bed costs zamulchirovat humus that bulbochka didn’t freeze, and with a descent of snow them didn’t wash up thawed snow. Primary layer of a mulch (right after crops) – 2 cm, at approach of its frosts nara­shhivayut to 5 cm, and from above cover a dry grass or straw.

Early in the spring of shelter remove. When the soil surface slightly will dry up, it loosen, deleting a part of a mulch.

At the beginning of August when leaves of garlic start to turn yellow, plants dig out, dry up 2-3 days on the sun, then svyazy­vayut in bunches and dosushivayut in a shadow in an aired room.

The grown-up one-teeth (so call a bulbochka after the first year of cultivation) – a high-grade material for autumn landing from which the next year large heads of garlic grow.

For cultivation from bulbochek one-teeth of a place it is necessary a little, and at the same time we will keep nearly a quarter of a crop and we will provide ourselves with a healthy landing material.

(On newspaper materials Rural hour).