Fertilizer straw

Article briefly informs and proves straw application, as high-grade fertilizer.

Expansion of the areas under grain crops led to increase in production of straw. Before it almost completely used as sterns. Reduction of a livestock of animals, transition to technologies intensive otkorma in which diets of straw isn’t present or it occupies insignificant percent, gives the chance to use widely it for other purposes. Fertilizer of fields straw can become one of the most important ways of return of organic chemistry to the soil.

Straw is a power material for cultural soil science and should be closed up to the soil. It gives the chance to close small biological circulation of substances which was broken off owing to systematic alienation of the most part of biological production of plants. Introduction of straw increases the maintenance of a humus, improves soil structure, reduces her tendency to an erosion, stimulates azotofiksatsiya process. It is the power supply for soil mikroargonizm without which availability of separate elements of a food would be limited. Improves also water and air modes and absorbing ability of the soil.

The straw plowing without introduction of nitric fertilizers can lead to sharp decrease in productivity because of strong decrease in the content of mineral nitrogen in the soil because the microcells participating in process of its mineralization use soil nitrogen for the activity. And introduction of straw in number of 35-40 c/hectares with nitrogen compensation (at the rate of straw N10/t) is equivalent to introduction of 18-20 t of manure. Also introduce phosphoric fertilizers at the rate of P8 on each ton of straw, especially on soils with the low maintenance of this element.

The best result receive at a plowing of the crushed straw with the subsequent seeding sideratov, thus most often use family plants krestotsvetny. Their root system and green material promote a mineralization of straw and accelerate it. Late in the autumn all weight wrap up. In case of early cleaning of the predecessor and sufficient stocks of moisture in the soil, this system of fertilizer can be used and under winter crops (in quality sideratov in this case use a radish olive or mustard white).

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