Rural green tourism

The note gives information on the carried-out seminar in. A pike perch on a subject Rural green tourism. At a seminar all aspects of introduction and development of green tourism in the Sudaksky region are considered.


Reforming of agrarian sector of economy put new in the solution of problems of employment of rural population of a task. One of them – development of green tourism, as one of the directions of outdoor activities of citizens on the village.

Recently specialists of the Crimean agrarian educational advice center together with the Sudaksky city Center of employment held a seminar the Pike perch on whom this subject was considered comprehensively.

The most unique nature of the Sudaksky valley with picturesque reserved bays, the pine and juniper woods, rocks of the New World, a medieval Genoa fortress, vineyards, the tender sea, the Mediterranean climate (according to ancient Byzantines, paradise edge) always involved in itself tourists.

It also caused a wide range of the interested: more than 70 people took part in work of a seminar.

With a great interest participants of a seminar apprehended information of the leading expert of River KGAUKTs of M.Voyevody on the organization of rural green tourism on rural estates, business plan elements for implementation of calculations of payback periods of the enclosed appliances, drawing up of quotations for rendered services.

Separate subject of a seminar – features of marketing in the sphere of rural green tourism with development of strategy of the activity, advertizing of rural green tourism and development of the mechanisms providing operative communication between owners of the estate and potential clients.

Developed KGAUKC the program of training of owners of rural estates of the organization of rural green tourism, except above-mentioned, includes questions on an accomplishment of rural estates, requirements to housing, technology and catering services, ethics of communication and relationship with vacationers, the organizations of cultural leisure of vacationers and safety of provided services.

About organizational and legal bases of rural green tourism, the Law of Ukraine About a personal country economy, about the bill of Ukraine About rural green tourism, about the contract on rendering of tourist services, the rights and duties of tourists, tourists and owners of rural estates the lawyer-konsult of the I.V Center told gathered. Lisova. Information material was accompanied by demonstration of slides, visual aids.

More detailed one-fortnight training in KGA UKTs branches on the developed set of educational and methodical documentation was offered to participants of a seminar.

The received knowledge will promote successful development of green tourism and rural estates of our land of plenty.

N SUXIJ, adviser-organizer of Sudaksky UKO.