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Providing agrofirms with modern soil-cultivating equipment and efficiency of its use

In article it is a question that process the most part of lands plows. The priority direction today is transition from about one-operational power expensive tools to the multipurpose combined shirokozakhvatny cars and units which for one pass carry out some technological operations.
The enterprises in Ukraine which let out soil-cultivating and sowing equipment for soil-protective technologies are called and well proved.
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Successes to you, rural tourism!

Rural tourism about which now write newspapers much, started to develop and at us in the Crimea. In the Bakhchsarai area it is already open for rest of the visiting tourists, the ancient estate located near Grand Canyon where the full board is provided, is osloferma, offering to vacationers driving on burros on mountain routes, the fishing village Black stones which organizers offer tourists not only fishing, but also firing from hunting guns, driving on ATVs and other services.
The publication in detail acquaints with all complex of services which can offer tourists in the Bakhchsarai area.
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