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In article Ya.L.Zamy’s course of life is described. Now in the farm of the Krasnogvardeysky area together with sons he created the family mechanized group. Their harmonious work is an example not only to fellows villager.


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In the village Amur the Krasnogvardeysky area there lives a big friendly family Zama. Jacob Lazarevich and Galina Yakovlevna has eight sons, seventeen grandsons, is already and great-grandsons.

I a lot of good had to hear about this family, I know that five sons became as well as the father their machine operators, in the native collective farm of a name of Kirov created the family mechanized group and the harmonious work set an example other fellows villager.

Jacob Lazarevich sat down for the first time on a tractor in 1950 and when in the country development of virgin lands began, it in one of the first echelons went from the woody Chernigovshchina to the Kustanay steppes.

Thought, goes for a while, and lived in virgin edge quarter of the century. So married, there and children were born. Worked in state farm as the foreman of a tractor brigade. The brigade that, to our Crimean measures, pulled on large collective farm – 14 thousand hectares of the earth. In its machine park 50 tractors, 45 combines, one hundred cars were. And there, on a virgin soil, the head of family Zama brought up big harmonious group of machine operators on own example. Its brigade for many years held a rank of collective of the high standard of farming in the Kustanay area. Jacob Lazarevich’s work wasn’t once noted by the state awards. On an award breast at it the Labour Red banner, the Honour Sign, the VDNH USSR gold medal, medals.

- To the village then the big help was rendered by the state – the former tselinnik remembers now. – It didn’t feel sorry for funds for equipment, fuel, fertilizer, on an accomplishment of villages. And therefore also work was to peasants in pleasure therefore we worked without cease, with a spark, with huge enthusiasm.

Having retired Jacob Lazarevich with all relatives moved from Kazakhstan to the Crimea, lodged in the village Amur our area. Moving coincided from the reorganization beginning, but the collective farm of a name of Kirov still was strong, anybody and didn’t think that will pass ten years and the economy it will stop the existence.

Family Zama kirovchane accepted with pleasure, after all so many working hands arrived, besides the first class machine operators. Sons went at once for work, didn’t lag behind them and the father, having accepted a catarpillar, as well as in young years worked for conscience.

In 1994 was engaged in farming – the senior Zama speaks. Strange there was a situation: the state entrusted me the earth, but forgot about my existence. And in such situation there were many villagers. Any though the small starting capital for a start wouldn’t give. It was necessary to enclose all the savings, which – from acquired what to sell. To me and sons it was simpler, at least because we have behind shoulders wide experience and mekhanizatorsky skills. And many farmers and it had no. And it is not surprising that some of my acquaintances now throw the earth. And say to me that in agricultural industry own hump not that that one million, on tolerable life you will not earn. And after all the such shouldn’t be. All should remember: the earth – the wet nurse for all: from the private soldier to the minister. And, means, and the relation to it and to those who on it works, should be valid.

In Jacob Lazarevich’s economy – 26 hectares. It mainly grows up the early grain. Last year on each of 12 hectares received on the average on 35 centners of grain of wheat of the fourth class. On the crop’s eve of next year too sowed the same area seeds of wheat of the first reproduction of the Odessa selection. On 11 hectares grows up sunflower – received on 15 centners from hectare. Lands here not all that well, so it is necessary to consider result good.

The equipment suffices to it: caterpillar and wheel tractors, plow, cultivator, two seeders, other stock.

And as to the earth: special secrets in leaving aren’t present. The only thing that it is necessary to do, all agroactions to see off in time. For the second day after cleaning the released areas the disky. Till October I do two processings to close moisture and to prevent emergence of weeds. And, it is necessary to tell, a field at me always the pure. Certainly, the earth I fertilize, I bring saltpeter. For many years so got used with isn’t present that without it I can not. How to be spoken, the earth was included into a flesh and blood. And sons conceived a liking for it. Though I feel, ever less at them desire to be engaged in agricultural industry. And it is not sophisticated: don’t see they aspiration of the state to offer a helping hand.

One of sons of old Zamaya – Alexander has less than earth, than at his brothers, tries works on it so that to have result. It too worked many years as the machine operator and even the foreman in local collective farm of a name of Kirov, has a lot of encouragement for honest work.

Farm created on the basis of the share and the wife. In 2006g. on the area of 7,5 hectares grew up a sorghum. Speaks, more favourably, than to be engaged in wheat or barley. Though, according to him, it suffices somehow to survive and contain only a family – it has the three children who have already matured, beginning own life, but while needing the parental help.

- To expand the ground massif I do not want – Alexander speaks. – You stoop on the earth all day long, and arrived almost any.

A.Antonenko, adviser-organizer of Krasnogvardeysky UKO.