How to save up equipment at storage

In article it is told about features of storage of separate systems and details of motor transportation equipment in storage, in particular: driving belts, vtulochno-roller chains, tires, fuel equipment, hydropump systems, electric equipment.

Driving belts

The length of life of driving belts depends not only on their correct operation, but also from storage during the non-working period. Under the influence of a sunlight and heat rubber of driving belts loses elasticity, becomes rigid and fragile, on it there are cracks. Fuel, oils and other aggressive liquids cause destruction of rubber and a kordny fabric. Therefore in storage of belts it is necessary to eliminate these destroying factors. The removed belts wipe a dry and pure obtirochny material, carefully examine, unsuitable for further operation vybrakovyvayut. Suitable consider belts without mechanical damages, stratifications of fabric laying, toryochashchy threads, cracks, dents and bubbles. Their lengthening shouldn’t prevy­shat the limiting size. Belts wash out in warm soap water. For this purpose in 10 l of water dissolve 50 … 100 g of soap and 100 g trinatrijfosfata. Belts wash out in soap solution and clear a hair brush or an obtirochny material. Especially carefully wash out places on which oil products got. Before a sink in soap solution places strongly polluted by oil on a surface of a belt wipe a rag moistened with gasoline. The washed-out driving belts blow the compressed air, dry in the places protected from direct influence of sunshine, and powder talc. Then belts of two – three – and mnogoruchyevy transfers connect in kom­plekty. To them attach labels with the indication of accessories of belts, brand and an economic machine number and hand over on a warehouse.

Driving belts can be stored together with other rezinotkanevy products in specially equipped warehouses. Rooms should be dry, heated, with air temperature from-5 to +25°S (daily fluctuations of temperature no more 10°S), relative humidity of air 50… 70 %. In rooms of a warehouse should be hung up, more than 1 m put at distance from heating devices. Belts store Klinovye in expanded form. To them apply hung up with the semicircular shelf, curvature radius – within 100… 200 mm according to the extent of cross-section section and length of a belt. Existence of the semicircular shelf warns sharp excesses and destruction of belts at long storage.

Lengthy belts in expanded form place on several one-section veshalax, put at one level. Application of the various hung up allows to use more rationally a warehouse for storage of driving maple belts. During a hrayoneniye belts periodically examine and monthly turn on a shelf surface that there were no excesses. At emergence of putrefactive spots belts disinfect 2 %-nym formalin solution.

Driving belts of the cars which are storing in good closed rooms, it is possible to leave by cars unloaded, having carefully cleared them of oil products and other pollution. If belts are removed from the car, it is necessary to protect from corrosion working surfaces of pulleys and the tension rollers, adjoining to belts, having covered them with anticorrosive greasing.

Vtulochno-rolikovye chains

Vtulochno-rolikovye chains after completion of seasonal works remove from cars, clear of a dust, wash out in a bath with flushing liquid, blow the compressed air or proti­rayut rags before complete removal of moisture and examine.

Driving chains with big wear and bolyyoshy number of the destroyed details vybrakovyvayut after visual survey without measurements. The low-worn-out chains having some destroyed details, and chains at which the provorachivaniye of plugs in internal plates or rollers in external plates, pereklepyvayut is revealed, deleting links with faulty details. Pereklepannye and serviceable chains after visual control check on lengthening. Chains with the average step of a link increased to 4 % from the initial size, are subject to storage in the closed rooms, a chain with lengthening more than 4 % vybrakovyvayut. Carefully washed up chains place in a tank with the engine oil which has been heated up to 80 … 90°S, and maintain 15 ….20 minutes. The boiled thoroughly chains take out from a tank and put in a bath with a double mesh bottom that superfluous oil flew down. After running off of the remains of oil of a chain curtail into rolls, attach to each chain a label with the indication of brand and an economic machine number and chain accessory, wrap chains in dense paper or stack in a box and hand over on a warehouse. At storage of cars in the closed rooms vtulochno-roller chains after pro-cooking in oil usta­navlivayut without a tension on the corresponding asterisks of the car.

Chains remove Kryuchkovye from cars, clear of a dust, wash out in a bath with flushing liquid, blow the compressed air or wipe rags before complete removal of moisture and examine. On suitable kryuchkovy chains put the PVK protective greasing, lowering them in a bath with warmed up to 8O… 9O°S greasing. The prepared kryuchkovy chains hang on the places without a tension. Asterisks of chain transfers free of defects leave for storage by agricultural cars. Irrespective of existence of protective protections or casings of an asterisk should be cleared and greased with the PVK konsistentny greasing.


At long influence of atmospheric ozone, ultra-violet sunshine and an atmospheric precipitation of the tire, naturally, grow old. As a result on a surface of rubber there is a dense grid of the small cracks considerably reducing durability and elasticity of products. At long influence of sunshine rubber is strongly softened, depth of cracks increases, especially on the stretched and deformed sites. Surfaces of the tires left by cars, being stored on the open areas, protect from aging, covering with wax structures ZVVD-13, PEV-74, aluminum paint AKS-3 or AKS-4. Aluminum AKS-3 paint – a mix of aluminum powder with a light oil varnish in the ratio 1:4 or 1:5. AKS-4 paint – a mix of aluminum powder with White-spiritom in the ratio 1:4 or 1:5. Prepare aluminum paint before coloring of tires, stirring slowly with a varnish and posteyopenno adding in it aluminum powder. Paint pass through the metal sieve, the remained lumps on a sieve pound a brush and a varnish wash away in a vessel. Aluminum paint prepare so much, how many it is required for work during change. Paint lead up to working viscosity White-spiritom, adding it no more than 10 % from amount of paint. Before coloring of the tire of wheels wash water and blow the compressed air before complete removal of moisture.

Brush or spray paint put on a surface of tires with a thin and equal layer. When drawing by a brush paint shade in two mutually perpendicular directions, carefully watching that all deepenings and flutes of a protector were filled with paint. On tires with a grid of small cracks aluminum paint put in two layers. The first paint coat dries 10 h at ambient temperature 18… 20°S. After complete drying of the first paint coat put the second.

Fuel equipment

Details of fuel equipment of diesel engines, izgoyotovlenny with big accuracy, fail at emergence of the slightest signs of corrosion. Precision details of nozzles and plunzher are especially sensitive to corrosion. Possibility of corrosion defeats of details of fuel equipment increases, if water gets to fuel when filling and at a kondenyosatsiya on walls of tanks parov waters from air. Ways of protection against corrosion of surfaces of deyotaly fuel equipment – their cleaning, an udayoleniye of the remains of fuel from them, greasings and a germeyotizatsiya of internal cavities.

New effective way of preservation of internal surfaces of diesel engines, transmissions, etc. – addition in working oils and fuels of anticorrosive additives

AKOR-1 or KP. For preservation of fuel equipment (a fuel tank, toplivoprovodov, the fuel pump, nozzles, etc.) it is necessary to prepare the rabochekonservatsionny mix consisting of 95 % of fuel and 5 % of an additive. The Rabochekonservatsionny mix prepare in otyodelny capacity. Necessary quantity of priyosadka AKOR-1 add to fuel in heated up to 60… 70°S a condition at an intensive peremeyoshivaniye before receiving a homogeneous mix. Then a rabochekonservatsionny mix fill in in a tank, scroll a diesel engine within 5 minutes. After that the fuel equipment will be zakonserviro­vana. It is necessary to perform only operations on sealing of a diesel engine and a fuel tank. It is not required to special degreasing. Diesel engine start-up after storage is carried out with a rabochekonservatsionny mix; in process of a neobkhoyodimost in a fuel tank add diesel fuel.

For storage of units of hydrosystem before car statement on long storage carefully clear of a dust and oil smudges external surfaces of units and masloprovo­dov, check tightness of hydrosystem, eliminate oil smudges, tighten a soyedineyoniya of unions in a tank, the pump, the distributor, hydrocylinders and replace consolidations in oil pipelines. Then merge oil from gidro­sistemy, carefully wash out it promyvochyony liquid and fill with the dehydrated diesel oil with addition of 5 % of additive AKOR-1 (in the absence of an additive system fill with the dehydrated diesel oil).

Hydrohinged system

Rods of the main and portable cylinders involve against the stop the piston in a back cover that the processed part of rods is less vystu­pala outside. Valves of a hydromechanical reguyolirovaniye close, that cores came out them as little as possible. Vystupayuyoshchiye parts of rods and cores of valves of gidroyomekhanichesky regulation cover with the PVK zashchityony greasing.

Tank mouth, opening sapuna, oil shhupa and other openings pressurize prokyoladka, jams, pastings. From flexible reziyonovy hoses of hydrosystem delete a dust. Oil spots from surfaces of hoses smy­vayut warm soap water, blow in hoses the compressed air before complete removal of moisture. With a brush put on a surface of hoses alyuyominiyevy paint in two layers.

The mechanism of the hinged device clear of the earth and corrosion. On all hinges of the bottom and top drafts, carving connections raskosov and couplers of restrictive chains na­nosyat the PVK protective greasing. Handles of gidravyolichesky distributors of tractors, cranes of an upyoravleniye and cranes distributors of self-propelled combines establish in a neutral poloyozheniye, shesterenchaty pumps switch off.

Electric equipment

All electric equipment before car statement on storage check and eliminate the revealed malfunctions, smooth out contacts of sound signals; check and at a neobkhodiyomost regulate gaps between electrodes of candles and breaker contacts magneto, ochi­shhayut candles from a deposit, grease with liquid konservatsionny oil a surface of a cam of the breaker and other details subject to corrosion.

Electroconducting carefully examine, the damaged sites isolate, unusable replace. If it is necessary, clear isolation of wires of oil and greasing. Check an inhaling of clips of electric equipment, grease them with a thin layer of greasing, without allowing its hit on isolation of wires.

The generator and starter carefully clear sna­ruzhi, blow in them the compressed air. At a podyogoraniye of collector plates of starters them smooth out a glass skin and blow the compressed air.

Check devices of lighting and other knots of electric equipment. In the presence of corrosion socles and cartridges of lamps and other places of a contact prisoyeyodineniye smooth out a glass skin. At a car hrayoneniye on the open area the generator, a staryoter, headlights remove and store in specially oborudoyovanny warehouse.

Storage batteries remove from the car and raz­meshhayut in specially equipped office of a warehouse or hand over on the centralized storage.

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