Equipment statement on storage

The requirements of GOST established for different types of storage of agricultural machinery, storage conditions of accessories are provided in article, etc


According to requirements of GOST 7751-79 three types of storage of the agricultural machinery, differing by duration of the non-working period due to the lack of agricultural works, expectation of repair or a car ispolyyozovaniye after repair etc. are established. Interreplaceable storage at a break in car use about ten days, kratkoyovremenny – from ten days to two months and long – more than two months. Maintenance at storage ma­shin lead by preparation them to storage, in the course of storage and at removal from storage. Maintenance at a podgoyotovka of cars to interreplaceable and short-term storage pro­vodyat at once upon termination of car use, and at a podgoyotovka to long storage – no later than ten days from a moyoment of the termination of the period of use of the car. To cars for preparation, and transportations of fertilizers and yado­ximikatov maintenance by preparation for long storage carry out introduction right after the termination of the period of use of the car.

Cars should be stored in the closed rooms or under a canopy. It is allowed to store cars on the open equipped areas at obligatory works on preservation, sealing and removal of the components demanding storage in a warehouse.

Store equipment in specially equipped territories – in sector of storage of point of maintenance or on a mayoshinny yard of the central production base of the selskokhoyozyaystvenny enterprise or association. The area of the closed rooms, canopies and the open areas define in a zavisiyomost from a look, quantity and dimensions of cars taking into account dopuskayeyomy distances between cars and between their ranks. Cars at short-term and long storage establish on the designated places on groups, types and brands with observance of distances between them for carrying out service in storage, and distances between ranks of cars should provide dopolyonitelno possibility of installation of cars on storage and removal from storage. On the open areas when using for installation of cars on storage and removals from storage of truck cranes and auto-loaders the distance between cars among should be not less than 0,7 m, and between ranks of cars – not less than 6 m. At storage of cars in the closed rooms and under canopies the rasyostoyaniye between cars among and from cars to walls of a room should be not less than 0,7 m, and the minimum distance between ranks – 1,0 m.

The open equipped areas for storage of cars should be on nezataplivayemy places and have on perimeter drainage ditches. A surface of a platform level with a bias 2 ….3 ° for a drain of water and cover continuous or in the form of separate strips with a covering from firm materials.

Platforms protect from snow drifts by lesoposadka.

For preparation of the car for interreplaceable storage and pedals of mechanisms of management establish levers in the situation excluding any inclusion in operation of the car and its components. All openings, cracks and cavities through which an atmospheric precipitation can get to inside cars, densely close covers, jams caps and other special adaptations. For a free exit of condensate drain devices leave open. Cowls and doors of cabins close. Banks, capacities, the bunker, tanks, trubo-and tukoprovody cars for preparation and application of fertilizers and yadoximikatov carefully clear before complete removal of the remains of fertilizers and yadoximikatov and dry. Batteries of accumulators disconnect, check level and electrolit density in them. Cars establish on storage completely, without removal of components.

By preparation of cars for short-term storage in addition wash and clear the car of a dust, dirt, smudges of oil, vegetative and other remains. Car components on which water hit (generators, magneto starting engines, the relay is inadmissible, etc.) densely close covers from canvas, parafinirovanny paper or a polymeric film. After cleaning and a sink in the car blow the compressed air for moisture removal. Metal unpainted surfaces of working bodies, mechanisms of transfers, friction knots, subject rods of hydrocylinders, shlitsevy connections, kardanny transfers, asterisks of chain transfers, screw and carving surfaces of details and components, and also external interfaced, mechanically obrabotanyony surfaces to preservation. Cars establish on supports or linings in horizontal situation in order to avoid a distortion and a bend of frames and other knots and unloading of pneumatic wheels and springs. Between tires of pneumatic wheels and a basic surface leave a gleam 8… 10 see. Transport tapes (linen and rubberized) cars at storage on the open areas remove them over one month, turn off in rolls and hand over on a warehouse. In case of storage of cars at low temperatures of air or over one month remove and hand over on a warehouse of the battery of accumulators.

Before statement of cars on long storage check their technical condition for the purpose of determination of need and establishment of volume of repair work for restoration of operability of the car.

By preparation of the car for long storage indoors and under a canopy in addition preserve electric equipment units (the generator, a starter, magneto, headlights), vtulochno-roller chains, driving belts, car components from rubber, polymeric materials and textiles (hoses of hydrosystems, rubber semyaprovody and pipelines, awnings, linen planchatye conveyors, soft seats), steel cables and measured a wire, knifes of cutting devices, the tool and adaptations. The specified components of the car can be not removed from the car for delivery on a warehouse at storage indoors. Remove, check level and density of electrolit and hand over on a warehouse accumulators. Preserve fuel equipment of a diesel engine by means of filling of her internal cavities with diesel fuel with an additive of an anticorrosive additive or special oils for internal preservation. Filling internal cavities with rabochekonservatsionny oils, preserve a diesel engine, hydrosystem, units of transmission and a running gear of the car. The damaged coloring on wooden and metal details and components of the car varnish, paint or protective structure. Springs in the devices, regulating a tension of conveyors, drives of belt and chain drives and in other tension mechanisms and adaptations unload, cover with protective greasing or paint.

Asterisks of chain transfers, chain conveyors and kardanny transfers, screw and carving surfaces of regulating mechanisms, and other transfers (opened or protected by casings and guards) grease surfaces of working bodies with protective greasing. Prepare roller, roller vtulochnye and driving kryuchkovy chains to storage and establish them on the car without a tension. The tension of linen and rubberized tapes of conveyors, noriya, maple and terebilny belts, terebilny chains of beet-harvesting, lnouborochny and kartofeleuborochny cars weaken. Surfaces of tires cover with wax or protective structure, and pressure in tires reduce to 70 % from the normal.

Preparation of cars for long storage on the open equipped areas has features. Remove, preserve and hand over on a warehouse electric equipment units, vtulochno-roller chains, driving rem­ni, components from rubber, polymeric materials and textiles, steel cables and a measured wire, knifes of cutting devices, the tool and adaptations. It is allowed to store flexible hoses of hydrosystems by the car, surely having cleared an external surface of oil and having covered it with svetozashchitny structure or parafinirovanny paper. Except internal preservation of diesel engines, carry out external preservation of unpainted surfaces. Wash out cooling system. Pressurize internal cavities of a diesel engine and in the absence of a cowl pack a diesel engine into a cover from a polymeric film or other material. In a tank of the starting engine fill in a gasoline mix with an anticorrosive additive, and in a case and a regulator – rabochekonservatsionny oil. At absence (or filling less than 15 % from volume) diesel fuel in a fuel tank preserve it, placing inside a sack with inhibitor. Clear of traces of corrosion and paint working surfaces of pulleys of a drive of the fan, the generator, a turbokompressor and the compressor. Weaken a tension of belt drives. Clear and wash out an air purifier and fill in in the pallet rabochekonservatsionny oil. Clear and grease sharnirny and carving connections of the mechanism of a hinge plate of hydrosystems, tension mechanisms, mechanisms of the lifting, directing wheels and a steering. Acting parts of rods of hydrocylinders and shock-absorbers cover with protective greasing. At combine harvesters clear and blow the compressed air of a place of a congestion of the pozhnivny remains in a thresher. Disinfect internal cavities. Openings in internal cavities of the car close special caps. Thresher of a combine harvester from a kopnitel close a board or a shtorka from a water-proof material. Reels of harvesters at harvest combines or cars remove and establish on storage on special racks supports.

At kormouborochny combines remove a sorter with an izmelchiyotel and establish on copying boots and the special support mounted on a framework of a sorter. Harvesters with teyolezhka establish on supports, and the replaceable crushing device with a shvyryalka – on a special support. At the silosoyouborochny combine lower the end of the vygruzny conveyor. Ballast boxes of disk hoeing plows, disk harrows and annulate skating rinks release from the earth, from water filling skating rinks merge water. Working bodies of plows and cultivators establish on linings. Batteries of disk hoeing plows and harrows lift and establish in transport situation. Annulate and water filling skating rinks establish on linings. Links of zubovy, knife and other harrows disconnect from vag, cover with protective greasing and stack on linings near harrows. At sowing campaigns and landing cars under wheels and under the closing-up working bodies lowered into position, establish linings.

Close covers and zaslonka of replaceable and sowing bunkers and boxes. Cutting edges of soshnik, metal a seed – and tukoprovody, external details of sowing, tukovysevayushchy, taking-out and landing devices, and also cover carvings of regulating screws and sharnirny connections with protective greasing. At cars for application of fertilizers and yadoximikatov preserve internal cavities of working capacities and tanks flying inhibitors (a method of dispersion or in the form of water solution) or rust converters. After preservation close covers, zaslonka and hatches of capacities and tanks.

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