Bird flu: common problem

About taken place in pgt. A Nizhnegorsky seminar Communications according to the prevention of distribution of bird flu are told by the author of article S. Shkabry the adviser-organizer of Nizhnegorsky UKO.

Conversation on a hot topic took place on February 21 at the seminar which has been carried out by specialists of the Crimean state agrarian educational advice center in pgt Nizhnegorsky.

The subject was discussed: Communications according to the prevention of distribution of bird flu within the project realized by Charity foundation Intellectual prospects.

Representatives of services of two areas were invited to a seminar – Soviet and Nizhnegorsky. The contingent of participants is very various: workers of health care, departments of education, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, state vetmediciny, sanepidemstantsiya, district state administration departments for youth and sports, managements of agroindustrial development, the head of village councils. These are heads of those organizations, through communication with which, information should be led up working and all population.

Two main subjects: information transfer and prevention of bird flu constantly intertwined during all seminar.

Acquainted participants of a seminar with problems of fight against bird flu, and by means of slides information and behavioural communications the deputy director of educational advice center A.Demyanenko then showed.

The deputy head of department of veterinary medicine of AR Crimea V. Shkel told about concrete actions for prevention of bird flu and a situation in regions.

All complexity of fight against bird flu of the head of village councils of the Soviet and Nizhnegorsky areas experienced on itself in 2005. They personally saw illness scales. At them it is turned out though small, but already experience of fight against a virus. Many questions on places were solved thanks to enthusiasm of the heads of village councils. Therefore, as a result, from places many emotional performances with remarks, with examples of shortcomings allowed in the previous campaign sounded.

The chief of NTI branch of educational advice center V. Bondarenko, opened a subject: Planning of campaigns, told about its main stages, gave examples of questioning of the population by results of which, it is revealed that 48 % of the population don’t know that it is possible to fall ill with bird flu from the use of the infected meat, doesn’t know the main symptoms of this disease of a bird. He spoke and about how to reveal group of risk, that is that part of the population it is necessary for them to finish information, in what look and as it is better to finish it, what channels of transfer of this information are most available. Concerned also many other that it is necessary to know when planning campaign.

In summary the first deputy chairman of the Nizhnegorsky district state administration G. Rudenko summed up, answered questions of participants of a seminar, thanked specialists of educational advice center and Management of veterinary medicine of AR Crimea for participation in its work and useful information which received from them. Noted that is planned and to see off further around action for prevention of bird flu, assured that all shortcomings of the previous campaign will be considered, and in case of need all services involved in actions for fight against bird flu, will harmoniously work. And discussion at a seminar of the questions concerning finishing of information to the consumer, will help competently, with skill to solve practical questions.

Village SHKABRY, adviser-organizer of Nizhnegorsky UKO.