The biodiesel engine started business

Article is devoted to the analysis of advantages of a made biodiesel engine in Ostapovk’s village of the Lubensky region of Poltava region. In it it is told about advantages and economic efficiency of fuel from a rape in comparison with the diesel fuel, made in the rural zone from local raw materials.
Article is intended for agricultural producers and is of interest for laymen.

Several years ago in Ukraine the tractor on fuel from a rape seemed impracticable dream

Several years ago in Ukraine the tractor on fuel from a rape seemed impracticable dream. And though in America and Europe the equipment who works at a biodiesel engine, became for a long time an integral part of life, at us about it so far spoke in a future tense. And suddenly pleasant news: such fuel started to develop in Ostapovk’s village of the Lubensky region of Poltava region, and this year on this fuel carried out sowing of summer cultures.

In two small rooms there is a press which wrings out oil from a rape, and the so-called reactor in which it by means of the catalyst is divided into glycerin and methyl air, in a different way speaking, the biodiesel engine is made. In days 1200 liters have it.

Work of tractors in the field on this fuel showed to guests in SOOO "Field" which arrived to Ostapovka from different corners of Ukraine and the abroad on presentation of biodiesel production. One cultivated the soil, another – sowed corn. Any difference in work between them and that work at diesel fuel, visitors experts didn’t notice. Only noticed: tractors on a biodiesel engine instead of a stinking smoke throw out a pleasant smell of oil in air.

In an economy of one and a half thousand hectares of arable lands and more and more it it is processed by equipment on a biodiesel engine. Last year dryers that gave the chance to save many means on purchase of expensive diesel fuel worked at this fuel. This year in an economy expect from fuel from a rape still bigger economic effect. Already made 20 thousand liters of the biodiesel engine, which prime cost of liter – 2,5 hryvnias, whereas diesel fuel, besides often substandard, twice more expensively. And one more advantage – production of a biodiesel engine almost without waste. When processing hundred tons of seeds 60 tons of an oil cake turn out, formula-feed plants pay for everyone to 500 hryvnias. Valuable raw materials for the industry as well glycerin.

Very favourably to an economy to have mini-plant on production of fuel, as well as in the same Poland. In this country almost each farmer wrings out oil on a biodiesel engine. It has possibility to take the cheap credit for acquisition of the necessary equipment.

SOOO "Field" economy, the Portselak-invest company took under the wing and adjusted in Ostapovka biodiesel production.

The equipment for such productions costs hundreds thousands hryvnias, but the Ukrainian peasants have no other way, the director general of JSC Portselyuk Agro is convinced. The prompt rise in prices for energy carriers led to that their part in prime cost of agricultural production increased with 10 to 30 percent. This problem exists around the world, but the abroad actively works over its overcoming. Production of a biodiesel engine in the European Union increases and already makes million tons for a year. About 80 its percent are developed from a rape. In 2004 the third part of a crop of this culture it is used on a biodiesel engine. Great demand for a rape assisted expansion of the areas under it and in Ukraine. However to process a rape on a biodiesel engine in our country it was unprofitable. Now, when the prices for oil products exceeded the biodiesel engine price, in it business executives more and more became interested.

This year the Portselak-invest company plans to transfer all equipment of the farms to a biodiesel engine. Besides, here work over the equipment and technologies for production of a biodiesel engine from different cultures. The firm meanwhile develops a biodiesel engine for itself, instead of for sale as in Ukraine there are no for it normative documents. Also a problem is also glycerin realization since the industrial enterprises would like to receive it in bulk.

Experts consider that production of a biodiesel engine in Ukraine can be profitable only when there is own source of raw materials, since the market of a rape and the price for it for us unstable. To an economy which has 2-3 thousand hectares of an arable land, for ensuring own requirements for fuel it is enough to have 200-300 hectares of a rape at 20-tsentnerny productivity.

The first experience of production of a biodiesel engine in Ostapovk’s village the private company "Protselak" very useful also deserves a close attention.

One of advantages of a biodiesel engine is that for its receiving isn’t required big capital investments and expensive equipment. Plants existing today in Europe on oil processing from rape seeds in a biodiesel engine of small capacity are often located in the rural zone, work at local raw materials and provide nearby farms. Creation of such plants on forces to several farms on the cooperative beginnings. For example, the similar plant in of Golits (republic Czech Republic), at the price is comparable with cost of a powerful tractor, overworks in a year of 3 thousand tons of seeds of a rape with 1 thousand hectares located in vicinities of farms. Nearby the formula-feed plant overworks rape shrot. Production of biofuel makes 3 thousand tons.

Advantages of a biodiesel engine: the biological harmlessness, the reduced emission of CO2, good lubricant characteristics. It allows to increase an engine length of life.

The advanced states (the USA, France, Sweden) stimulate biodiesel engine consumption by essential decrease or liberation from taxes and the VAT.

According to the developed Concept on structure and development of primary branches of agro-industrial complex of the Autonomous Republic Crimea, really In the Crimea the cultivated area under a rape by 2010 can make no more than 44 thousand hectares under condition of the guaranteed sales market and a favorable price environment, and also existence in Ukraine and in the Crimea networks of the enterprises for rape processing in a biodiesel engine.

On the crop’s eve of 2006 agricultural enterprises of the Crimea a winter rape poseyan on the area of 16,7 thousand hectares.

The most important element of technologies of cultivation of a winter and summer rape is timely and high-quality cleaning as violation of this requirement leads more than 50 % of a crop to losses.

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