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Conversation with the businessman of the Kirov region of AR Crimea Victor Ivanovich Tymoshenko is given in article. In the interview it defined strategic objectives for the forthcoming period. Also V.I.Tymoshenko gave advice to beginning businessmen on strengthening of financial and economic positions.

The beginning of new year – judgment of results of year of a past and definition of strategic objectives for the forthcoming period. Our conversation – with the businessman of the area, whose name also is well known long ago to much kirovchanam – Victor Ivanovich TYMOSHENKO.

- Before carrying on business, you after all worked in system rajpo?

- Was both the foreman, and the deputy director, and the director koopzagotproma. All area studied, everywhere happened, I know about reserves. Alas, a lot of things is lost, lost in recent years. Now I am engaged in an entrepreneurial activity: wholesale and home shopping service, agriculture, it is a little and animal husbandry. It was necessary (and it is necessary still!) it is a lot of occupations to try to find in what it is necessary to be engaged, having from work and satisfaction, and the income.

- Our area agricultural and therefore tell that grows on your fields.

- On the lands rented by me grain crops and medicinal herbs are grown up. I admit that at that level of agriculture which we have today, production of grain is absolutely unprofitable: prime cost is higher than the realization price. Continuous losses – any farmer and the head of large agricultural enterprise so will tell. Remember, what was in the area average productivity grain in 2005? Between 20 and 30 centners from hectare. At some "owners" and to 10 didn’t reach. Meanwhile, 30 centners from hectare – are limiting productivity which allows to make even only expenses to the received income, no more than that. A zero on a zero. The profit will be, if namolachivat from hectare of 60 centners of grain. And it is for this purpose necessary good agrofon, high-efficiency equipment, seeds zoned, perspective, high sowing standards. Yes protravitel, fertilizers, herbicides … Well and who from the regional land users who are engaged in grain production, in a condition all this to provide?

- You too from production of grain don’t see profit?

- It is good that though it is possible to lessors to pay for shares … But, on the other hand, how not to sow corn?

I already said that for long operating time in the area I had quite clear idea of with what we possess reserves. Didn’t forget also former economic achievements: in a zernoproizvodstvo, when wheat namolachivali on 60 – 70 centners from hectare and corn on 100, when milk from a cow nadaivali on 3500 – 4000 kgs a year when vegetables collected record harvests. Was? Was, means, can and should be again. By the way, this year I want to occupy 4 hectares with vegetables. I will prove that in our area, on our lands vegetable growing can be made economic branch.

- You directly experimenter. And in poultry farming were engaged?

- Yes. there was one thousand layers. Probably, I will not refuse and from now on a bird: hens – this "fast" meat, eggs. If to contain them in cages, to give a good-quality forage, to observe sangigienu, to hold necessary events for disinfection – to avoid all states of emergency quite probably. Someone should these be engaged! In general, I test in all branches, I achieve success and … often then I stop. But experience remains, in order that in the long term from much to choose the most necessary for itself.

Besides, it is necessary to communicate often with many people in the area, in the republic, to discuss topical problems, and it would not be desirable to seem incompetent. When there is the, personal experience, then there is also a confidence, your opinion has weight.

- Victor Ivanovich, what, in your opinion, prevents our area to strengthen the financial and economic positions?

- We live is separate … Each head, the businessman tries to solve alone the problems that is almost impossible. It is impossible to solve them and without the aid of the state. Therefore we can neither plan nothing, nor buy. Disparitet of the prices for agricultural products and for equipment, fuel, fertilizers etc. presses the agricultural producer. And the state as though aside – a pier, market economy. However in other countries with market economy the village receives the state grants. In Ukraine some measures for strengthening of agricultural sector of economy in recent years are undertaken, but it is obviously not enough of it.

In our area does attempts somehow to unite agricultural producers Yu.V.Russkikh but while there is no aspiration at them together to fight pro se, for all of us, and he doesn’t receive the sufficient help from the regional power. And who will protect us, if not ourselves.

- You remember, in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" there was once a heading If I was the director … With what you would begin direktorstvovat? Councils of not indifferent person to any management can come in handy.

- I, first of all, would reconsider the relation to people. That any chief, the official of any level was available, that to it went with questions and behind councils, behind the help and received it. Now quite often dialogue with the people is started only before elections: meetings, messages, addresses. Billions are spent for pre-election fight of candidates with each other. And for the sake of whom should be elections, are forgotten, only all swear people name.

The second that I would make as "director" in our area – this revival and construction of the processing enterprises.

The idea isn’t new, recently it even more often rises at level of the management of the area, there are real offers. I would offer still here that. It is necessary to involve in it not only external investments, but also internal. For example, I would have a certain sum, at another, at the third, would develop together and bought the equipment for canning shop, having become his co-owners with individual share. On the same principle it is possible to collect park of harvest equipment, the same combine operators. Operation of the involved combines costs expensive, as we know: 150 hryvnias for one cleaned hectare. How many money leaves the area if the involved equipment cleans about 10 thousand hectares?! If there will be the MTS, the processing enterprises (fruit, vegetables, milk) – there will be new workplaces, additional receipts in our budget. We, apparently, respect ourselves a little, when we carry bread from Feodosiya (and the bakery is loaded, it is good if percent on 20), tinned vegetables, juice, a pickles – from Kherson, still from somewhere. Milk for processing carry out of limits of the Crimea, and from there carry ready curd cakes, cottage cheese…

Annually at the "budgetary" sessions the development budget affirms. It is planned to direct it on creation of new productions. Mostly it remains on paper. Though these remains would go really on development: today one, tomorrow other object. It is extremely necessary for us! Bothered so to live. We need to develop profitable production, at us the area perspective. Is both reserves, and resources.

- So you would wish in new year to those who on the earth works, all kirovchanam?

- To be the real citizens. The citizen – is the one who respects itself(himself) and the state in which lives, does everything that also others respected him. My such position.

Interview prepared N. VOLOSHIN.