The carrot fly harms

In this article morphological and biological features of a carrot fly are described. Measures of fight against it are given.

It is impossible to grow up carrots – any worm is got. What it for the wrecker and how with it to fight?

Most likely, it is a carrot fly. Its larvae (chervyach­ki) grow in the length of 7-10 mm. Zimuyoet the wrecker in the soil in the form of dolls in pupariya or larvae – in the middle of root crops in storage or in a field (on a bed). Flies of the first a pokoleyoniya take off (leave from pupariev) in the spring when the soil will get warm till 15-17 °  (April-May). And at once na­chinayut to postpone eggs (to 200 pieces) having their small small groups near a root neck of moyolody plants of carrots, parsley, a parsnip, a celery and other rasyoteniye of family of seldereyny (zonyotichny). Eggs in 5-12 days leave larvae ("worms"), koyotory just and damage a rasteyoniya. They are fed 27-30 days. Then pupate in the soil or in the middle of the damaged root crops. In 30-40 days (in July-August) vyleta­yut flies of new generation also postpone eggs. From them otrozhdayutsya larvae ("worms"), which and po­vrezhdayut the main crop of carrots. Larvae of a fly gnaw through young backs of carrots, and in more developed plants bite into the middle kor­neplodov and do in them courses.

Fight measures. To avoid or at least to reduce harm from a carrot fly, it is necessary to sow carrots as soon as possible. Not zagushhajte crops and svoyevyoremenno thin out them.

In spring summer of a fly (a koyonets of April – the beginning of May) obrabaty­vat beds preparations aktellik, arrivo, sherpa. Repeatedly it is necessary obra­batyvat in July-August at summer of vtoyory generation of a fly.

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