There is a flooding of checks

It is reported that in the Soviet area sowing of rice is finished and flooding of rice checks is conducted.

Messages from the Soviet area

Messages from the Soviet area

Dneprovsky water – in the area

Dneprovsky water came to farms of the Soviet area. JSC Vest, JSC Kama, ChMP "Crimea", SOOO "Zlagoda" finished crops of rice and now goes zatopleyony checks water. In total around poseyano 700 hectares of fig.

In SOOO "Gloria", SOOO "Alliance", SOOO "Planet" prepare an oboruyodovaniye for production of a drop irrigation. Started to land early vegetables. While the areas small – from 10 to 25 hectares. But the main beginning is put, and people on it won’t stop. SOOO "Dnepr" conducts watering of semennik of a sakharyony beet. Water moves from NANOSECOND No. 40 and NANOSECOND No. 73.

In management of a water management the important task of the conclusion of contracts with farms on special water use is solved. If it was necessary for the solution of this problem earlier to go in Simferopol, now this work carry out employees of management of a water management. On carrying out it there is a license.

And. XRIPLIVIJ, adviser-organizer of the Soviet UKO.