On March 22 – the world day of water

About Reskomvodkhoz’s work at first an irrigation season in agricultural industry there is a speech in article: sources of water resources in the Crimea are given, it is told about preparation of a water economic complex for waterings, about objects of the executed works.

To the channel I come revering –

To the channel I come revering –

The live smooth surface waves waters.

I speak in an inspiration rush:

Water – it to all live mother.

M. Makarov, Reskomvodkhoz’s former worker of AR Crimea.

According to the decision of General Assembly of the United Nations since 1992 the World Day of Water annually on March 22 is celebrated. Decade from 2005 to 2015 is declared International decade of actions Water for life. This year the World Day of Water there passes under the motto Water without deficiency.

With arrival of spring for Reskomvodkhoz’s water economic organizations of AR Crimea one of the most responsible stages begins. At the end of March – the beginning of April in Kakhovka the head construction of the North Crimean channel opens, and in agricultural industry the irrigation season begins.

In the Crimea sources of water resources are: dneprovsky water which moves on North Crimean channel for water supply of the cities of Kerch, Feodosiya, Simferopol, the Pike perch, rural settlements and an irrigation, and also the river and underground waters.

The water economic complex of our republic represents system of difficult engineering constructions: main North Crimean channel in extent more than 400 km, 1510 km of an intereconomic irrigating network, 361 pump stations, hydraulic engineering constructions, and also intraeconomic meliorative network (9244 km).

During the preparatory period we executed considerable amounts of works. Antifiltrational events on channels and pump stations are held, repair of roofs and the equipment of pump stations, transformers, vnutriploshchadochny pipelines of pump stations, hydraulic engineering constructions, hydroposts, gidrouzlov reservoirs, production buildings, bases of operational sites and other works is executed. The accurate organization them allowed to provide preparation of intereconomic objects according to the approved schedules.

It is possible to tell with confidence that by the beginning of an irrigation season all state meliorative complex of the Crimea will be ready to water supply on watering of crops and plantings.

In the current year the Ministry of an agrarian policy and Reskomvodkhoz Kryma was developed by the actions directed on increase in the irrigated areas in agro-industrial complex.

In 2007 it is planned to make a fence from sources of water supply in volume of 896,2 million cubic meters, including on an irrigation – 738,9 million cubic meters for watering of lands on the area of 158,5 thousand hectares.

Thus the main attention should be given to safety and trouble-free operation of a water economic complex with a view of the guaranteed providing with water of the population, agricultural and industrial production, to increase of reliability of work of reservoirs and water economic systems, observance of conditions of rational use, protection and reproduction of water resources.

It is planned to use more effectively irrigated lands and to provide safety, technological integrity of the intraeconomic meliorative systems broken as a result of reforming of the ground relations.

It is necessary to make every effort to effective use of vivifying dneprovsky water for the good of inhabitants and guests of the peninsula.

Dear readers! On behalf of numerous workers of a water management of the Crimea sincerely I congratulate you on the World Day of Water!

Item DUDKOV, the vice-chairman of the AR Crimea republican committee on water economic construction and irrigated agriculture.