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In this heading word meaning reveals: quota, environment, bodice, prize, mantsipatsiya, factoring, overdraft, discount.

Dictionary casket

Quota – a part of participation in production, realization, export or an import of any goods; cost or quantitative restrictions of an import or export which are entered for a certain period of time for certain goods, services, the countries or group of the countries.

Environment – set of the signs characterizing the market and production the vopredelenny period – change of the prices, percent, a price of securities, a salary, dividends.

Bodice – a method of accounting of commodity appliances of production at the price of the last acquired or made party.

Prize – party or a part of certain goods which deliver according to the contract.

Mantsipatsiya – transfer of the acquired thing to a property.

Factoring – a type of service at which the bank assumes intermediary operations at calculations between suppliers and customers, at temporary lack of money.

The overdraft – a special form of granting the credit to the client of bank in case the amount of payment exceeds the rest of money on the customer account. The bank writes off money from the customer account completely, i.e. automatically grants to the client the loan for the sum which exceeds the rest of money.

Discount – a discount for the price of the goods, service, the financial instruments, caused by a temporary factor or a deviation of parameters of implementation of the agreement provided in the contract.