Serpentine melon

Garden rarities

It differs from a usual melon a serpentine form of fruits, very much, by the way, juicy and tasty.

This grassy, rigidly lowered plant with a creeping stalk in length to 150 see. Leaves at it large, rounded heart-shaped, pyatilopostny. The flower diclinous, is more rare – bisexual, yellow. Blossoms in May-August. Serpentine fruits mnogosemyanny with juicy and sweet pulp. Before maturing they green, ripened – yellow. There is a grade and with white fruits.

To taste this melon is similar with ordinary, but there is at it the highlight – has a cucumber smell.

Fruits it is powerful 3-5 kg, but is separate which pull and on all 8 kg.

With the medical purpose this melon use as laxative, zhelchegonny, diuretic, anti-sclerous means. Juice from its pulp is useful at obesity, diabetes, the general weakness, nausea, a hypertension, atherosclerosis, colitis.

Ruslan Nikolaevich Dukhov from Mishurin Rog’s village of the Verkhnedneprovsky region of Dneprovsky area (51610) grows up such melon. To grow up it, according to him, simply. Plants well develop at quite high temperatures of the soil and air, a sunlight abundance.

It is very important to receive amicable shoots. For this purpose the truck farmer from Dnepropetrovshchina in due time presoaks seeds in warm water within days at water temperature +25-300C. Sows them in soil at the end of April according to the scheme of 1×1,5 m on depth 4-6 see. In holes puts on 2-3 seeds.

Throughout summer it regularly loosens the soil, 2-3 times during the summer water.

Did without podkormok and when fruits began to ripen, broke them from lashes together with a fruit stem, without it they long aren’t stored, and with it in a shed lie about a month.

And still Ruslan Nikolaevich reported that it managed to collect seeds and he is ready to send them for cultivation by everything wishing and to answer their questions if they enclose the signed envelopes in the letters.

(On Dachnik newspaper materials).