Poultry farming revival

The official doctor of veterinary medicine V. Stepanov of the JSC Prodpostavka enterprise of the Saksky area imparts experience on production of egg, and also conditions of the maintenance of laying hens.

Our JSC Prodpostavka enterprise is created on the basis of being pticesovxoza "Suvorovsky" the Saksky area. In five years the enterprise finished a livestock to 150 thousand laying hens, and specializes on production of egg. Two years ago attached a poultry farm of the former integrated poultry farm "Donuzlavsky" the Black Sea area. There we grow up young growth of laying hens. Daily allowances of chickens we buy from OPPZ of Frunze (cross-country of Hayseks), and GSh JSC Ptitsekompleks (cross-country Sheyver). Without counting on the state support, at landslide falling of the prices for production the enterprise, thanks to efforts of director Vladimir Alekseevich Kudinov expands production and pays a salary in the worker. It was possible to stabilize production thanks to harmonious work of zooveterinary service, the technologist – V. V. Tretiak, the doctor of veterinary medicine – S. V. Stepanov, the manager of a feed-preparation house – So-called. Tsukanova which set a goal to care about health of laying hens, to prolong the period of a cycle of a yaytsenoskost, most to reduce prime cost of egg.

To secure enterprise functioning, we work in a mode of the closed type. We achieve a high immune background of a bird, we carry out vaccination it against such diseases as, Marek, B. Gamboro, B. Nyyukasla’s Illness, infectious bronchitis, smallpox, infectious laringotraxeita and a syndrome of decrease in a yaytsenoskost. For prevention of failure of immunity we try to exclude (or to soften) consequences of every possible stresses which in the Crimea suffices: in the winter a frost, summer of heat indoors to +40 degrees.

Diets for a bird we make seasonally, age and cross-country. We are guided thus by a principle of Libikh’s Barrel which essence that if one of diet components (vitamins, microcells and amino acids) is provided, for example, for 70 % from norm, all others even if they are entered for 100 % of requirement, are actually acquired only to level minimum for that component, i.e. for 70 %. It means that money for a wind without return jumps out. Therefore equation of diets on all nutrients is given paramount value. It is production – the zootechnical laboratory constantly supervises quality of compound feeds.

Possibilities to grow up grain and bean crops at us isn’t present, it is necessary to be reconciled with bad quality of delivered forages, especially corn which often is surprised a mold.

And we, for neutralization mikotoksinov, use a number of adsorbents. One of the best, in our opinion, the preparation of Mikosorb is. And to increase of nutritiousness of a diet we apply fodder enzymes. Grindazim which use allows to enter into a diet to 35-40 % cheap sunflower shrota (oil cake) is most economic and effective from them. In composition of compound feeds we include amino acids (a lysine, methionine), vitamins (it is well-cared – chloride, etc.), and also liprot.

The quite good result gives also application of ascorbic acid which destroys toxins, raises level of exchange processes, increases resistance of an organism to influence of harmful factors and stresses, especially in the summer when the condition of a shell of eggs worsens. Vitamin C helps to increase durability of a shell.

To transfer high temperature and to keep a high yaytsenoskost to a bird helps Beta financial. It holds water at endocellular level and provides normal course of exchange processes in an organism of chicken.

Scourge of poultry farming call "fatigue" of rooms (because of continuous accumulation of a microbic background). For the solution of this problem it is carried out weekly preventive processings of the air environment in hen houses in the presence of a bird by yodsoderzhashchy preparations (one-chloride iodine, iodine crystal) – by sublimation with aluminum.

Regularly we investigate water on if – titr and if – an index. Water for a poyeniye of a bird we take them an artesian well. Refused zhelobkovy drinking bowls and established system of a nippelny vodopoyeniye. Thus at least once a week, through a medikator (batcher) we carry out processing of system of a vodopoyeniye for removal of organic and inorganic deposits and disinfection by various preparations (Agrisan, Virkon With, Cyd 2000, etc.).

Vetsluzhba is engaged also in prevention of noncontagious diseases of a bird. We refused long ago application of antibiotics as our production goes to children’s health resorts of the Crimea. Widely we use in the preventive purposes of a probiotics, such as Laktin – K.Ispolzuyem Monosporin which is issued our neighbors – JSC SHP "Field" (the former Saksky biofactory).

The above-named preparations allow to treat successfully and profilaktirovat dysbacterioses, kolibakteriozy, salmonellosises.

All treatment-and-prophylactic work carried out by us is motivated economic feasibility: achievement of high indicators with the minimum expenses. Therefore existence of a large quantity of every possible new fashionable preparations – for us isn’t criterion of truth. Even at continuous existence of harmful factors (the increased acidity, mikotoksiny etc.) isn’t present problems with gout at a bird, removed it quite simply: usual baking soda (a sodium hydrocarbonate) which we feed according to a certain scheme.

All complex of carried-out treatment-and-prophylactic actions allowed to leave on level of a yaytsenoskost of 310-320 eggs from one chicken layer in a year and to lower a case to 3 %. Receiving quality production, constantly we win tenders for delivery of our eggs in children’s health resorts of the Crimea.

The staff of the JSC Prodpostavka enterprise surely looks ahead.

V. Stepanov, official doctor of veterinary medicine of the JSC Prodpostavka enterprise Saksky area.