That there were no defective eggs

To the poultry breeder on a note.

Emergence of eggs with a soft shell or in a leathery film is connected with a lack of calcium and phosphorus of a stern. Fill them can top dressing, the pounded shell rock as it is completely acquired is best of all. It should make 5 percent of a diet. Instead of a shell rock it is possible to give to a bird carbonic calcium, marl, chalk, trifosfat calcium or a shell. And surely gravel.

However keep in mind that at consumption of a large amount of calcium at a bird need for zinc increases. There is a lot of it in green sterns and seeds. So the additive of seeds of sunflower, a pumpkin, oats and the let germinate grain will have salutary impact on layers.

Besides, shell formation is influenced well by vitamin C which in a large number contains in leaves of green plants of cabbage, onions bulbs. If you have no possibility daily to enter vegetables into a diet of layers, provide them at least with special vitamin preparations.

Hens can lay eggs dvukhzheltkovy and bezzheltkovy, but also with blood clots in a yolk that it appears result of a stress more often. Therefore reconsider system of the maintenance of a bird, eliminate factors irritating it, probably, it is necessary to refuse yaytsenoskost stimulation at the expense of increase in duration of light day. One more reason of emergence of blood spots – excessively high perch.

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