Broiler – a bird not house

Article is devoted to rules of the maintenance of broilers.

Reorganization 2002

How to contain and feed bought on an integrated poultry farm or in inkubatorny station of a broiler chicken on a farmstead.


At cultivation of odnoyodnevny broilers indoors air temperature dol­zhna to be near 30°C, the osveyoshcheniye round-the-clock. They are less mobile, than cyp­lyata egg breeds therefore are guided in pois­kax feeding troughs and drinking bowls worse. If a room quite bolyyoshy and in it is mute there are obogrevayotel, in the first 1-2 nede­li it is necessary to take care, chto­by chickens not razbreda­lis and didn’t spend force for searches of a warm place. For this purpose use nevysoyoky fences screens vok­rug heaters, sokrayoshchy thereby the area of movement.

By second week tempe­raturu lower to 28-26°C, on the third – to 24-22°C, by chetyoverty week it is possible to establish it at level 20°C. Lighting leave tol­ko over feeding troughs and poil­kami. To make it it is possible by means of reflectors on niz­ko the hanging lamps, then all other room remains in the twilight.

In the shined zone cyp­lyata eat, and in dark – have a rest.

Growing up chickens in cages, for heating is­polzuyut electrohot-water bottles, lamps of an infra-red izyolucheniye, and it is possible to apply to lighting a preryviyosty way – to alternate dark and light time che­rez each two hours.

Ogranichennaya Square of a cage and darkness sposobstvu­yut Considerable a nakopleyoniya of weight of chickens at menyyoshy expenses of a forage. At kleyotochny cultivation molod­nyaka the temperature should be higher, than at the napolyyony: in the first week +32-34°C, in the second – 30 °, for the third and fourth weeks it gradually reduce to 20°C. For otkorma it is more convenient to give to broilers the spetsialyyony dry compound feeds including all neobkhodiyomy vitamin and mineyoralny additives. If tayoky possibility isn’t present, mozhyono to make kormosmes independently, thus it is necessary to consider that in the first 4-5 weeks it dol­zhna to contain the increased quantity of a protein – oko­lo 22-25 %. from forage lump.


Broilers kor­myat polnoratsionny kom­bikormami, and access to a forage and water should be constant during a suyotok. Depending on the vozyorastny period primenya­yut three types of compound feeds in the following posledovatelyyonost: prestarting (1-4 days), starting (5-30 days) and finishing (31-56 days). Prestarting kombi­korm should contain vyyosoky concentration of pitayotelny substances., easily rayostvorimy in water and easily hydrolyzed in a zheludochyono-intestinal path. In so­stav diets should vxo­dit products of a dairy origin, then zeryono with the high maintenance of reduced caxarov (ku­kuruza, wheat, oats, yach­men), soya shrot and a rybyony flour of high quality. A prestarting forage give at once after placement of chickens indoors.

 The recipe of prestarting compound feed (in percent): corn – 50, wheat – 16, barley – 8, soya shrot (or a podsolnechyony oil cake) – 14, dry obrat – 12.

Starting compound feeds include the same fodder components, as predyostartovy, but in a bit different sootnosheyoniya and obyazatelyyono enriched with biologically akyotivny veshcheyostvo. In this regard in starting compound feed vvo­dyat yeast fodder, a rybyony flour, a grassy flour, mineral substances, fodder fat, etc.

The recipe starting kom­bikorma (in percent): kuku­ruza – 48, wheat – 13, soya shrot (or a podyosolnechny oil cake) – 19, dry obrat – 3, drozh­zhi fodder – 5, a rybyony flour – 7, grassy – 3, chalk – 1, fat kormoyovy – 1.

Finishing compound feed should provide vysoyoky intensity of growth of chickens. By this time digestive organs a tsypyolenka become razvity­mi and are capable perevari­vat all nutritious veshcheyostvo. After 30 days cyplya­tam it is possible to add in meyoshanka crushed otxo­dy a garden, a kitchen garden and a green grass.

The recipe finishing kom­bikorma (in percent) – kuku­ruza – 45, wheat – 13, barley – 8, an oil cake – 17, yeast fodder – 5, a flour fish – 4, myasoyokostny – 3, grassy – 1, chalk – 1, fat kormoyovy – 3.

Place broilers till 12-14 a goal. on 1 sq.m. same Vyyopaivayut prepara­tami, as egg chickens, and the same inoculations, as for egg hens.

If to observe all pra­vila a mode of the contents, feeding, broilers dos­tigayut in 56 days of weight from 2,5 to 3 kg. In all compound feeds it is necessary to add a premix and calcium for broilers or for other bird. At inyotensivny fatten they nuzh­dayutsya in calcium for a stroyoeniye of strong frame.

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