Such necessary resource-saving technologies

In a material there is a speech about results of a research-and-production training seminar which carried out in Sakakh JSC UKRAVIT Company. The main attention was concentrated to resource-saving technologies in plant growing.

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Research-and-production training seminars use wide popularity of farmers, agricultural producers. At such seminars heads and experts of farms get acquainted with new technologies, progressive scientific development and that too is important, here they can share with colleagues personal good practice, resource-saving technologies of cultivation of crops.

Such seminar in Sakakh carried out JSC UKRAVIT Company with assistance of the Saksky district state administration. Agricultural producers of three areas were invited to it – Saksky, Razdolnensky and Black Sea. A subject of a seminar became ekologo-and economically reasonable technologies of protection of crops from a complex of harmful organisms. Before participants with the scientific development and results of scientific researches the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Nikolay Nikolaevich Dolya acted.

N.Dolya’s performance of the beginnings from results of researches of a condition of crops winter in the Crimea. It is established that on winter wheat intra stem wreckers and aero gene causative agents of diseases intensively develop. On fields development of a complex of phytophages and two types of a septoriya gelmintosporioza is observed. Mikoplazmenny diseases which extend phytophages are shown also.

Danger of viruses of these diseases that they are transferred by air by various carriers. Often happens that farmers sow already infected seeds. To avoid this phenomenon, before crops it is necessary to carry out a protravlivaniye of seeds lateral mixes. Such approach will allow to reduce quantity of diseases for 30 % and, thereby, considerably to increase productivity.

Nikolay Nikolaevich emphasized special need of carrying out in the Crimea of fytosanitory examination of seeds which will help to reveal infected and won’t allow various viruses to get on fields.

To increase immunity of the soil, according to the scientist, it is necessary to improve structure and quality bioty: in a fertile layer almost are absent saprofity and earthworms.

And after all they, workers of the soil, promote active vlago-and to air exchange in its layers. The scientist advises to apply a liquid form of KAS fertilizers (a karbomidno-ammoniac mix). Its use increases efficiency of agrotechnological actions for 25 %, promotes decrease in acidity of the soil. It is not necessary to forget and about a mulch, 1,5-2 its cm in a combination with KASom – the Riga balm for soil bioty.

Special attention in N.Dolya’s performance gave to such culture as a rape. With a crop it takes out from the soil to 40 kg of potassium, 110 kg of phosphorus and 35 kg are gray. Therefore to sow it it is necessary not more often than once in four years. According to the scientist, in some farms of the Crimea crop rotation violations are assumed that inevitably leads to decrease in productivity.

Not smaller harm to crops is put by hordes of myshevidny rodents.

It is necessary to fight against them actively, applying the appropriate chemical means. Considering that factor that the Crimea is a health resort,

 Brodivit is recommended primenenyat preparations on the basis of Brodifakum, for example.

JSC UKRAVIT Company developed resource-saving technologies of protection for 74 cultures from wreckers, diseases and weeds. She offers agricultural producers an assessment of efficiency of action of modern means of protection of plants; individual drawing up of systems of protection of agricultural cultures with the further

scientific support and control; carrying out consultations of experts in the field of protection of plants.



By JSC UKRAVIT Company it is based in 1999. Since 2000 conducts wholesale and home shopping service by means of protection of plants from harmful organisms.

Since 2003 the company began development and introduction in production of highly effective preparations and resource-saving technologies of protection of plants.

Strategy of dynamic development of JSC Kompanii UKRAVIT – production and scientifically reasonable application of chemical means of protection of plants from wreckers, diseases and weeds.

Concerning cooperation to address to the official representative of JSC Ukravit Company in AR Crimea state of emergency Firm of Oksamit to the address: Simferopol, Dekabristov St., 14/28, kab.21. Contact phone: (0652) 250-380, (0652) 707-997