Drinks which we use

Notes about drinks which we use.

Throughout all life each person drinks a significant amount of various  liquid,  drinks    , etc.   However      not all  know,   what  represents    this or that taken drink,    whether it is useful for? an organism, how many and when it to use, what structure at it, etc.


For a long time it is known that the use of green tea prolongs life, revitalizes heart. Confirmation to it was recent inspection of Japanese physicians more than 40 thousand men and women.

Green tea as usual associates with high life expectancy of Japanese as favorably influences activity of serdechnososudisty system. The improving effect of green tea is connected with polyphenols – vegetative substances which act as antioxidants. However for certain to find out the mechanism of their action meanwhile could nobody. It is supposed that they start natural anti-oxidizing mechanisms of an organism and reduce activity of free radicals in a body which destroy cages. And on one of versions, they even interfere with inflammatory processes of blood vessels.

The one who uses every day half-liter, and even more green tea, live, on belief of scientists, more long than those who doesn’t use it absolutely.


There is a set of legends how the mankind opened a coffee tree.

One of them testifies that the called fragrant product was found … by goats. And there was it so. The Arab shepherd paid attention that his goats, gnawing round fruits and foliage of the unknown to it plants, became more vigorous. Coffee appeared this tree. As this plant found in Kaff’s Ethiopian district, and with the name of a new product there were no problems.

In the east were convinced that this drink accelerates thought, thanks to it work capacity raises. And still it helps at a disease of eyes, gout and a scurvy. Finally, a conclusion of physicians is as follows: the healthy person can drink coffee, but in reasonable quantities. As to children, they can use coffee, but rather weak and with milk. And in addition to drink it follows only in the morning and not every day.


This drink is characterized by high consumer properties: chemical composition, power value, organoleptic indicators.

Power  value  of milk  is low  and  depends    , first of all,  on the content of fat, and hesitates from 30 to 80 kcal/100 of. Its biological value is defined by contents of high-grade proteins, polynonsaturated fat acids, fosfatidov, mineral substances, vitamins.

Milk provides need of a human body for fat-soluble vitamins for 20-30 %, in vitamins B2 and V6 – on 70, in B12 vitamin – almost for 100 %. All substances in milk are in an optimum ratio. And in addition it is necessary for normal functioning of many human bodies, first of all for a liver.