Young grapes grow

In article information from republican meeting of wine-growers and wine makers of AR Crimea in which is presented questions of preparation of vinogradarsky farms and the enterprises of winemaking of an autonomy by a season of cleaning and grapes processing are taken in detail up.

Grapes cultivation in a steppe part of the Crimea which our area concerns also, is interfaced to certain difficulties in connection with specific climatic conditions

Grapes cultivation in a steppe part of the Crimea where our area is located also, is interfaced to certain difficulties in connection with specific climatic conditions. Long-term plantings at us froze or were substantially damaged by frosts and frosts during the winter and early-spring periods, and there was no possibility to receive rather high for profitable maintaining branch and systematic reproduction of grape plantings a crop. Hard frosts of 2006 and February frosts of 2007 strongly damaged a rod. Owing to what, the considerable shortage of a crop that caused recession in production of wine was noted.

This year was more favorable for branch. Expected by area agricultural enterprises grapes crop – over 2 thousand tons.

The branch revives. Interest to landing of vineyards show not only large agricultural formations, but also farmers. Sergey Vladimirovich Erpylev’s KFH "Nectarine" was one of the first Crimean farms, decided to be engaged cultivation of fruit and grapes. Now in this economy vineyards occupy 11,8 hectares.

It is developed in the area and the project of landing of table grades of grapes on the area of 51 hectares in KFH "Makarkov" (head Alexander Maksimovich Makarkov). This year saplings were landed here on the area of 10 hectares.

Many wish to have long-term plantings, but not all for this purpose have money. And processes of a bookmark and cultivation of grape plantings remain highly resursoyemky, demand considerable expenses of labor, material and financial resources. Besides the capital investments enclosed in these landings, will give return for the 5-7th year of operation.

At us on a laying of new plantings are used, generally internal investments. Revival of wine growing is promoted also by assignment from 1 %-nogo of collecting from realization of alcoholic production. However the farmer can receive the financial help after submission of the relevant documents confirming the actual expenses on landing. Under existing conditions creation of the farmer enterprises is impossible.

Gardening and wine growing in the Krasnogvardeysky area intensively developed till eightieth years. The areas under grape plantings reached 5,7 thousand hectares, under the fruit – 6,6 thousand hectares. Annual vintage reached 35-40 thousand tons. For processing to wineries was given to 20-25 thousand tons, a certain quantity of grapes was on sale fresh, the part of raw materials was processed in shops of farms. In farms of the area functioned 14 canning and 5 vincexov. And all this complex successfully worked, the "sobriety" company yet didn’t begin. Because of restriction of reception of raw materials and sales markets, rise in prices for means of protection and other resources, began strenuously raskorchevyvat vineyards. People remained without work, and wineries – without raw materials.

In 1996-2000 vineyards occupied at us the space in 2,4 thousand hectares, gardens – 4 thousand hectares. In 2006 under vineyards there were 1,2 thousand hectares, gardens – 1,9 thousand hectares. Gross vintage in 1999 made only 1,0 thousand tons.

But, as they say, life goes, and there is a judgment of the lost. Motions to branch restoration began. There were initiators of revival of a grape bush.

Now in agricultural enterprises of the Krasnogvardeysky area vineyards occupy the space of 1,5 thousand hectares, including, fructifying – over 900 hectares, young – 259 hectares. All of them on a drop irrigation.

Fruit plantings in agricultural enterprises of the area occupy over 3,0 thousand hectares, including, fructifying – over 2,0 thousand hectares, young – over 1,0 thousand hectares. From them on a drop irrigation – 990 hectares.

As a whole, on the area 650 hectares of vineyards, 1600 hectares of gardens are transferred to a drop irrigation.

In the area the main areas of vineyards belong to the JSC Oktyabrskoye enterprise (head Larissa Pavlovna Drozhzhina). Under them 584 hectares. Grades, generally the technical. It is in the long term planned to finish landing of vineyards to 900 hectares. This enterprise is engaged some years in creation of a source of raw materials for JSC Oktyabrsky vino-konyachny zavod.

Certainly, in the conditions of the steppe the vineyard fructifies not every year, but in JSC Oktyabrskoye well know that providing annually to this culture due leaving and protection, it is possible to achieve good results. Therefore put here annually new plantations.

Young grapes which were planted in the spring of 2006, on 50 hectares and in Agroshop No. 55 grow. For the next years the enterprise it is planned to take away under vineyards of 180 more hectares of the area.

M. Kosovan, chairman of the Krasnogvardeysky district state administration.