Smile of a recovering vineyard

In the publication it is told about experience of the wine-grower from the village of Roshchino of Sergey Ilyukhin’s Dzhankoysky region on restoration of the grape bushes damaged by frosts by a spring-and-summer inoculation by shanks, eyes and stepsons.

From experience of the practician

From experience of the practician

In the spring when it became visible what, appear, then an irreparable loss this extremely severe winter brought to a vineyard, the wine-grower from the village of Roshchino of the Dzhankoysky area Sergey Ilyukhin was afflicted certainly, but into despondency didn’t run, a hand didn’t lower, and began to think how quicker to restore the bushes which have injured from frosts.

… We approach to a rod lasting up on a high lane, and in eyes poloxnul amazingly bright sparkling color amber of juicy clusters.

- Here he, that Ecstasy about which we wrote in the newspaper last autumn – smiles the owner of a vineyard. – Stood after all even in the frosts which were stealing up to 30 degrees. Not on everything to tell the truth, hundred percent, a podmerzaniye of kidneys were, but insignificant. And here these, amber juicy clusters I perceive as a smile of recovering my vineyard.

Ecstasy characteristic:

SW – 4-11 (CB20-374 x Delight) – a new hybrid form of average term of maturing (130-135 days) Amateur names: Desire, Ecstasy, Srednesilnorosly. Clusters large and very large 500-800 g, tselindro-conic or conic, moderate and friable, are more rare the dense. Berries large and very large, 27×24, 30×25 mm, 8-12 g, ovate-soskovidnye or oval, white, with dense fleshy pulp and pleasant harmonious taste.

Sakharonakopleniye the high. Transportbelny. Can long hang on bushes, without losing the commodity and flavoring qualities.

Escapes grow ripe well. Takes roots well. Enters fructification on the second, is more rare – for the third year. Compatibility with the majority of stocks and grades the good. On silnorosly stocks of a cluster have very attractive appearance. At removal of a part of leaves about clusters of berry have pink-brown suntan on sunny side.

Plodonosnykh of escapes of 70-90 %, number of clusters on escape 1,1-1,4. Load of 30-40 eyes of a bush, scrap of rods on 8-12 eyes.

The cold-resistant. Without shelter of bushes maintains – 25-260C that in Roshchino at Ilyukhin and this severe winter confirmed.

The hybrid is steady to mildyu and gray decay.

- In the spring processed it a bush against a black spottiness – Sergey – mildyu since spring and here now notices, in the autumn even signs weren’t and isn’t present.

Now at it on completely steady vineyard in February frosts many troubles did. Irina, the Miracle of Bulgaria which where it was necessary to cut off the wife of a shah almost at the roots and to wait when new escapes will beat off from roots, for 80 % the kidney at considered as one of the most cold-resistant of Victoria was frozen, froze Kesha, Timur, kidneys at a hybrid form Agate x Rusven suffered.

It was necessary to resort to all ways which have been saved up by experts wine-growers in years with extreme weather conditions.

The vineyard managed to be restored to such an extent that already next year if certainly the nature doesn’t present tricky surprises to expect quite decent crop.

The main thing that it took from a well of this experience – a green inoculation. At the end of June when there was a green kidney, Ilyukhin got down to business. This year convinced the wine-grower that if the imparted rod was lost, it is not necessary to root out a bush, the savage, and on it pereprivit is better to leave a desirable grade or a hybrid.

It shows me how to do it. In general operation quite simple:

- Now, at the end of summer it is necessary to impart a growing ripe odrevesnevshy peephole – it explains in the course of operation. – I choose a place on an interstice – under a narrow peephole – narrow, on wide – wide, I smooth out carefully, I put a peephole and densely I wind with narrowly cut packing film. And any, notice, skochy, insulating tapes. Only a packing film.

Now it began an inoculation at the end of May. In the beginning imparted being stored in the refrigerator since autumn shanks, then a green kidney, and is closer to autumn growing ripe eyes inoculations remained in the winter.

But the most, in my opinion, effective type of the inoculation, which Ilyukhin widely applied now – the stepson.

Sergey breaks out sprouting of an escape bosom the stepson.

- Look – pays my attention – a thin sickly travinochka. It would seem, won’t get accustomed, and here I at the basis cut off it obliquely, on shtambe if it is sure that won’t freeze, over the earth and if isn’t present, having made a hole at the basis, I protect a suitable place, and here look – shows the next hole from which powerful new escape directed up.

- Here it too a travinochka was, and it imparted it at the basis shtamba and here, see what was beaten out, in a year there will be a new rod.

Stepsons usually on rods it is formed in the course of vegetation much. Wine-growers them break out the most part, that not zagushhali a bush, a part leave to give it a desirable formirovka. And here Sergey Ilyukhin found now of them one more worthy application – used as a vaccinating material. The main advantage it – fast restoration of grape bushes, and consequently also crops.

Dexterously bossing a vaccinating knife, the wine-grower notices:

- The most part of success in an inoculation is covered on a tip here this knife.

Sliding movement he will see off an edge on a hand and it easily brushes away from it a hair.

- And you know than such sharpness is reached?

- I do not know.

You remember, during old time open razors on oselka sharpened. At me where that one was overlooked. Found it casually. Also you know, on any the friend sharpened this knife so sharply you will not grind.

And still it showed me as the stepson on a rod imparts. Smoothed out on it a place, having cut and having raised a bark, then dexterously under a bark the stepson tired out and hardly wound it and an inoculation place with a film. In the same way imparted also a kidney with a guard.

The Prizhivayemost, speaks, absolute.

We go along a grape lane, and rods smile to us an amber, ruby, emerald scattering of clusters. We break the mature berries striking with a variety and harmony of taste – sagy, muscat, tsitronny.

Also it is suddenly dazzling the Tsarevna of Bulgaria scattered amber, stopped in amazement at the sight of huge berry of the Tuzlovsky giant, Ringing of church bells announced the fruitful force…

Sergey Ilyukhin told somehow that as we have in the Crimea a selection of table grapes practically on zero, it is necessary to go behind novelties to Zaporozhye, Lugansk, to pay a fantastic sum for one peephole for an inoculation and only to impart, test and is frequent, to throw out because of unfitness. And so, these above-named novelties are already tested by it and, it is exact, the wine-grower won’t throw out them.

Century PASHHENKO, literary editor.