Daily Archives: December 3, 2014

About modification of the appendix to the resolution of cabinet council of Ukraine from April 19, 1993 of No. 283 and recognition become invalid the resolution of cabinet council of Ukraine from June 6, 2007 of No. 809

The published resolution made changes to the list of the nomenclature of forms of securities and documents of the old account, cancelled the "strogoblankovy" status of cash warrants and powers of attorney on TMTs.
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There is such science – an ekotrofologiya

The wide range of questions, connected with ideology of a healthy lifestyle of the person, studies and such science as an ekotrofologiya investigates.
Ekotrofologiya as pioneers of a new science are deeply convinced of Ukraine, should become surely on the guard of health of the population.
Promotion of ideology of a healthy lifestyle promotes accurate functioning of all system of a balanced diet – from receiving non-polluting raw materials for manufacturing of foodstuff before rigid control of safety of technologies which are applied by production and realization to consumers of finished articles.
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