Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

Indexation of a monetary assessment of lands is carried out

In a note it is a question of indexation of a monetary assessment of lands. The republican committee on the AR Crimea ground resources informs the organizations, the enterprises, owners of land and land users that the standard monetary assessment of lands as of January 1, 2009 for 2008 is necessary for indexing.
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In the publication the Russia agrofirm where carried out reconstruction of a dairy and commodity farm with use of domestic and world experience is a question of joint stock company, having chosen the most optimum option. It gave the chance to receive past year about 6700 kgs of milk with fat content 3,76 and the content of protein of 3,15 percent. Commissioning on MF#2 the second similar cowshed will allow to reach efficiency of cows this year – 7000 kgs.
In agrofirm on farms reconstruct all cattle-breeding objects, it will be reconstructed also svinotovarny where a registration the most advanced technology too will receive.
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